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  Aquatic aroids for the subtropics
From: Arno King arnoking at yahoo.com> on 2000.10.16 at 21:24:09(5564)
Hello list

I live in Brisbane, Queensland on the northern east
coast of Australia. I am writing following mention of
Lasia spinosa growing in southern Florida. How hardy
is it? I believe we may have a similar climates.

I have numerous ponds and tubs in the garden. One of
my favourite plants, Typhonodorum (which got some
coverage a few weeks ago) does well in our climate. I
also grow Pistia, Orontium, various Colocasia and
Zantedeschia. I did grow Monotrichardia for a while.
It did well but I let it dry out when I moved house
and lost it (i would be grateful for any more seeds-my
source was the modern art museum in Rio- there was
plenty of seed there).

What other aquatic aroids are likely to grow in my
climate? Any Cyrtospermas? There are many species in
cultivation in far north Queensland.What about
Lagenandra or Anubias? Are they reasonably hardy? I
saw many aquatic aroids in the garden of Roberto Burle
Marx a few years ago. Some looked like Spathiphyllums
others like large Anubias. Very ornamental.

Would be grateful for any ideas, particularly from the
south Florida members.

Arno King

From: Pugturd at aol.com on 2000.10.17 at 02:18:19(5568)
Their is Lasia growing in parrot jungle. Just a few minutes from Fairchild
tropical gardens. Jeff shimonski I don't know if I spelled his last name
right. But he gave me some and said it had grown their for years even threw
the worst winters were it did snow? Not only that he has two-forms a split
leaf form and a normal arrowhead leaf form. One thing to make sure of. wear
gloves these things have thorns all over them. I have had my share of them in
my hand

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.10.20 at 13:09:58(5576)
Hi Arno,

Welcome to the List! Forgive my tardy reply, life is hard!

>>Hello list

From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2000.10.21 at 03:25:41(5579)
Hello Arno In SW Fla. I have grown L. spinosa in the low 40's F. and upper
30's however it was under an arboreal cover and shade cloth, but NO other
protection. It can be a rampant grower and invasive for an indoor pool. It
is an interesting species but too prickly for this grower. Best Joe

From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 2000.10.22 at 01:07:10(5585)
I owe all of you an apology. I sent a message, a personal message, to someone
who had written a message on aroid-l. Without thinking, I sent it 'reply'
when it should have gone to sender. I am sorry. Please forgive me??????


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