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  Does anyone remember a plant from the 2000 ariod auction?
From: "Jeff&jodi Rosenstiel" jjjj at winternet.com> on 2000.11.02 at 16:42:36(5625)
Hi everyone!
Just a question?
Does anyone know, or remember the name of a plant that was sold at the 2000
From: Pugturd at aol.com on 2000.11.03 at 17:02:37(5626)
I remember the plant very well. I think I bided on it one time. I was to poor
to get it. I would love to also have the name of it. It is a good one to have
on a wish list. thanks

From: "Michael Pascall" mpascall at eisa.net.au> on 2000.11.03 at 17:04:11(5628)
Could it be Philodendron tenui ? featured in a recent newsletter.
It has similar 'quilting' Michael Pascall

From: "Jeff&jodi Rosenstiel" jjjj at winternet.com> on 2000.11.04 at 15:50:29(5631)
Is it possible to order a copy of Oct-Dec 1999 issue? Is that the issue you
were talking about? were there any pics of it? or does anyone have a pic?
jeff in minnesota,
temps at 30 tonight here! snow by tuesday! winter is here, :(

From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2000.11.04 at 20:47:53(5632)
hi jeff,

i posted this before, but it never came up: the philodendron is possibly
philo. billietiae, from french guiana. yes, you can order back issues of
aroideana. am assuming that's what you're wanting. that issue has tom
croat's treatment of the philo. tenue 'complex'. [60 deg. nights here.]


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.11.05 at 16:55:37(5634)
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Date: Saturday, November 04, 2000 10:50 AM
Subject: Re: Does anyone remember a plant from the 2000 ariod auction?

Dear Jeff,

Tell me more about the plant---I was the auctioneer, and do not remember any
Philo. with a corrugated, cordate (heart-shaped) leaf blade resembling
Anthurium vetchhii. I did auction off a Anthurium moonenii that had a
leaf with wonderful rough, corrugated texture, this was the same species
that won best in show, BUT one of the one at auction had a SINGLE, not
trifid leaf, which is 'normal' for this species. Another Philodendron
that was auctioned had a thick, rough textured lanceolate leaf, this was P.
billietiae, also from Fr. Guiana.



From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2000.11.08 at 00:48:06(5654)
hi jeff,

i just looked at david scherberich's photo of a beautiful philo. tenue,
his web site, and it certainly matches the description of 'like anthurium
vietchii'. there was a philo. moonenii, but it's nothing like what you
describe. there was an anthurium moonenii which won the best of show
award in

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