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  Amorphophallus 2nd flowering
From: "van den Bergh" bergh at tpg.com.au> on 2000.11.30 at 03:46:41(5730)
I have a large tuber of Amorphophallus prainii and it flowered wonderfully
in October [southern hemisphere] filling the house with the stench of
propane gas as it wafted its perfume in from where it grows in front of the
verandah. A month later, now it has put up it's leaf shoot with leaf
unfurling, however alongside is another flower from the same tuber. Is this
usual, for some reason I had the impression to expect only one flower per
tuber for each season.

Marilyn van den Bergh.

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.11.30 at 16:31:36(5734)
And here am I thinking I know a thing or two about them phalloids....... My
explanation is that your tuber is SO big, it may have developed a second,
subdominant apical (do you need more of those words.....?) bud, that
obviously was also induced to flower but emerged later than the dominant
one. How's THAT for a fairy tale?

Nonetheless I think there may be a bit of truth in it. One question though:
does the second inflorescencence emerge from the base of the leaf (in it's
axil), or is it slightly distant from that base? In the first case, you
really have a case of overactivity in the flowering department, in the
second case, my explanation goes!

Happy growin'

Wilbert Lord P.

From: "van den Bergh" bergh at tpg.com.au> on 2000.12.02 at 00:42:48(5740)
Dear Wilbert,
I think your 'subdominant apical' theory must be the answer as the flower is
about 4cm distant from the leaf stem and to me it looked a pretty big tuber
as I dug it up and checked it out a month or two before it flowered it was
about 40cm across and heavy to lift, I didn't want to risk my kitchen
scales. Is that big?
Thanks for the explanation.
Marilyn van den Bergh.

From: "Don Bittel" dbittel at treco.net> on 2000.12.02 at 16:25:21(5742)
A 40 cm. prainii tuber would be almost 16 inches in diameter. That is the
biggest I've ever heard of. It must have a large flower also. Was it a pure
white color?


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.12.02 at 16:26:20(5743)
Dear Marilyn,

Yep, that is BIG!! And it does support my theory. Usually when Amorphs
become oversized, the tubers start to split by activating subdominant
shoots. Sounds you have done a great job with that plant!! That means that
probably, after flowering, that second shoot will also produce a leaf and in
the end you'll have two independent tubers.


From: "van den Bergh" bergh at tpg.com.au> on 2000.12.04 at 17:35:01(5746)
Dear Wilbert,
As much as I would like to I cannot claim any credit for the size of the
tuber. When I frst admired the leaf in someone's garden, I didn't know an
aroid from a potato, they generously gave me a tuber, so I stuck it in a
sunny spot in front of my verandah, where incidentally ir received mostly
only water from the monsoon rains. It is only during this past year I have
become an aroid nut and realising what a gem I had, dug up the tuber for a
peek to see what it looked like, but it was already that size before I dug
the soil over and put in some compost, fertilizer and TLC a few months ago!
When is the best time to dig up a tuber to see if it has formed any
offshoots or loose tubers, at the beginning of dormancy or towards the end
of the dormancy period?

Dear Don,
Yes the flower was big too compared to this second flower, it was pure white
with that beautiful burgundy centre down in the spathe, and the SMELL was
big too compared to this second flower. There were flies hanging around but
it seemed it was the native bees [maybe you call them sweat bees] right down
after the pollen.

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