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  Black Spathed Anthurium Hybrids
From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.01.25 at 13:56:36(5870)
Response to Tsuh Yang Chen:

To My knowledge no one has produced any usable hybrids for the
horticultural industry. I have seen several times the "Black" flowered
Anthurium which grows in the high altitudes in the Andes. I do not
believe that it has successfully used to make any good hybrids. I did
send a plant of Anthurium antioquiense (small, freely suckering strap
leaf, with small white flowers used in making modern pot type flowering
hybrids when crossed with A. andraeanum types) to a Phalaeanopsis grower
in Chicago area so that he could hybridize it to the Black Spathed thing
he got from growers in Colombia. He did get some results but I have not
seen them... he did not seem to excited by them.

The only black flowered one out there right now is A. watermaliense
which is really a Pachyneurium (Birdnest) type and not Calomystrium. If
any one knows of another black flowered Anthurium that will grow in a
nursery at sea level in the tropics, I would certainly like to hear
about it.

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2001.01.28 at 02:41:50(5889)
thanks for your reply, denis. at the brooklyn BG, right now the
watermaliense is in full bloom.

however, i was asking specifically about a pic i saw once of an
andreanum-hybrid type that had a black spathe. i couldn't tell for sure the
exact color since it was a pic on the web, but i was wondering if you or
anyone's heard of this variety.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 2001.01.28 at 03:17:14(5890)
There is an anthurium out of Colombia that looks like a puckered beautiful
purple black andreanum. It does not like heat for sure. At the first sign of
summer around here it starts to suffer. I have seen this and grown it, and it
is absolutely beautiful. If it were not so bitchy about growing it might be
around. It is not low altitude like andreanum. It has to be a higher altitude
thing. I have seen it have flowers ten inches from tip to connection. I
actually have a baby in the greenhouse, but by the time it grows I may be
ancient myself. If one is interested in getting these, I may beable to
arrange such from a South American dealer. Just let me know. They will not be
cheap because they are imported several times around by the time they come

From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2001.01.28 at 04:47:59(5891)
>however, i was asking specifically about a pic i saw once of an
>andreanum-hybrid type that had a black spathe. i couldn't tell for sure
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