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  If you want an Amorphophallus.........
From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.02.04 at 17:36:50(5913)

The Amorph research collection has done quite well last season, although not
too many offsets or seeds for distribution among you people. The list of
goodies is added at the end. Although the variety is o.k., the numbers we
have are often small. Usually quite some orders come in so if I tried to
satisfy everybody, it would mean that you get one tuber or so. That sounds a
bit frustrating. So this time I am going to invoke a bit of "first
come......". I know, it isn't fair but hey, next time we may have
more.......I am sure more people will be disappointed this year than last in
not getting anything...... The victims of last year (who didn't get anything
or mainly DOA's) may want to remind me of that, so I can check last year's
correspondence and may give you some priority.

I have copied the instruction-text below of last year's distribution. Read
it well, so I won't get a load of superfluous mails. Honestly, everything
you need to know to get material is listed below. Hope ye all read it


From: "Hetterscheid, Wilbert" w.hetterscheid at ppo.dlo.nl> on 2002.02.13 at 19:21:36(8203)

The Amorphophallus Research Collection is largely dormant now and we've
counted the surplus material. The variety is o.k. this year, I suppose and
as usual numbers are sometimes limited, sometimes plenty. I will try to
distribute the tubers over as many orders as possible. I hope nobody stays
unrewarded but I cannot ensure that.

The policy rules are as always, please find them below. I stress that
sending in your postal address with your wishlist is important.

Alan Galloway has volunteered to distribute all US shipments from his home,
so we will send everything packaged and all to Alan, he stamps them and puts
them in the mail. This way we save phytosanitary inspection costs. Thanks
Alan! This also minimizes the risk of smaller shipments getting crushed by
US mail subtlety.......

BE careful NOT to answer by reply-key, or the moderators of this list will
go NUTS! Reply directly to: hetter@worldonline.nl. (see also instructions


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