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  Colocasia kotoensis
From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.02.13 at 00:50:31(5937)
One question, which was apparently overlooked, was buried in my "Formosa"
message. I asked for advice on how to identify the gnats which are the
hypothesized pollinators of Colocasia kotoensis. I managed to get a few
specimens, though not as many as I had hoped.

From: Scott Hyndman hyndman at aroid.org> on 2001.02.13 at 13:48:35(5939)
Try contacting either John Rawlins
(http://www.aroid.org/aroiders/rawlins.html) or Danny Beath
(http://www.aroid.org/aroiders/beath.html). Either those two
entomology/pollination experts should be able to help in the identification
of your gnats. When you have an id, why not write an article about it for
the IAS Aroideana, or for the IAS Newsletter? I am sure that many of us
would like to learn more of your travels and of your discoveries.

Best regards, Scott

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.02.13 at 15:25:21(5942)
In a message dated 2/13/01 8:48:59 AM Eastern Standard Time,
hyndman@aroid.org writes:

<< Try contacting either John Rawlins

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.03.29 at 00:49:08(6104)
It occurs to me...

Since I have never seen this species mentioned in English-language literature
(indeed, had never heard of it until already preparing to go to Taiwan), I
now-and-then wonder whether any specimens exist in cultivation in the Western
world. As I work on my (hopeful) Aroideana article on Colocasia kotoensis
(and await news re: the identity of the pollinators I collected), I wonder
whether any collections in the West would be interested enough to fund an
expedition. I know where it grows and how to get there, but I lack any
import/export documents.

From: "Peter Boyce" boyce at pothos.demon.co.uk> on 2001.03.29 at 16:54:01(6110)

Is Colocasia kotoensis any different from C. esculenta? Have you seen the
type of this species name?


From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.03.30 at 16:27:16(6116)
In a message dated 3/29/01 11:54:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,
boyce@pothos.demon.co.uk writes:

<< Is Colocasia kotoensis any different from C. esculenta? Have you seen the

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.03.31 at 05:59:21(6119)

Seeing this discussion on "Colocasia" kotoensis, I just remember that I saw
a recent paper (forgot which one.....mea culpa!) in which this species was
reclassified into Schismatoglottis. So the name is Schismatoglottis
kotoensis. Peter Boyce may find out where this was published.


From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.04.01 at 17:06:09(6125)
In a message dated 3/31/01 1:59:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
hetter@worldonline.nl writes:

<< this species was

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