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  Taccarum weddellianum
From: "Michael Pascall" mpascall at eisa.net.au> on 2001.02.21 at 15:04:57(5959)
Received some of the seed that Julius so graphically described harvesting .
They arrived promply and got sown straight away , date was 1st November.
I eagerly awaited the first sprout , this did not appear until early
January, and more are still popping up now . Michael Pascall

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.02.22 at 19:35:37(5965)
Thanks for letting us know, Michael! Some folk throw away the seeds of
this group (Taccarum, Synandrospadix) whan they do not see any activity in a
couple of weeks! They can take several months to germinate, but once
germinated they are FAST growers! Good luck with the plants!



From: "Susan Cooper" SCooper at cooperpower.com> on 2001.02.22 at 20:59:09(5969)
I have a question about seeds that take a long time to germinate-
I don't have much luck with them- do you keep the seeds on a heating pad, covered with plastic, or what? Mine seem to either dry up, or get mossy. Nothing ever sprouts. I hate to admit my ignorance, but I guess I need help!

From: "Michael Pascall" mpascall at eisa.net.au> on 2001.02.23 at 14:44:18(5976)
Susan , I am lucky to live downunder , here it never gets cold , and if you
stand still long enough something will grow on you !!
Over the last few months we would have had a few feet of rain fall ,
and the temperature has never fallen below 20deg C.
Most condusive to germination of seed [and to rot of tubers]
I must now repot some of the larger seedlings of the Taccarum before they
burst out of the pot.Michael Pascall

From: "Susan Cooper" SCooper at cooperpower.com> on 2001.02.23 at 19:38:13(5977)
Yes, Michael, I know! Thanks for rubbing it in. :)
I'm going to save a nice big snowball for you in my freezer and bring it to the next IAS conference. So if you feel a *splat*! on the back of your head it is just me saying HI.
Les, want to get in on this?

From: Lester Kallus lkallus at earthlink.net> on 2001.02.24 at 02:04:47(5987)
I wanted to type something about this, but my fingers were too stiff from
the freezing weather.


From: "Alan Galloway" alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2003.01.02 at 01:34:23(9756)
I have some seed of this South American bulbous aroid available.

If you would like some, email me at: alan_galloway@bellsouth.net with
your name and shipping address. I will mail them out in the next few days.
I suspect I will get many more requests than I can fulfill, so if you don't
get any seed, you can assume I ran out.


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