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  Phil's trip in Hong Kong
From: shlam at eee.hku.hk (LAM Shing) on 1997.03.19 at 16:13:08(511)
Dear aroiders,

I think some of you may be interested in Phil's trip in Hong Kong.
Juat a little bit more than 100 days before the changeover of power in
Hong Kong, Phil arrived at Victoria Harbour (The name's got to be
changed) of Hong Kong in USS Fitzgerald last saturday afternoon.

As the only subscriber of the aroid-l in Hong Kong, I had the
pleasure to show him around. I picked hime up at Fenwick pier
and we first visited a local market to see what kind of vegetable
and fruits were available. We then went to Hong Kong Park and
took the Peak Tram to the Victoria Peak (may have to be renamed
later). The skyline of the Peak is now dominated by the modern
Peak Tram Terminal. Phil was amazed by the number of tourist
there. We walked on Luggard Road to have a better view of the
harbour. Some of the road side plants we saw , weedy Syngonium,
an Alpinia sp. whose flower bud just beginning to swell,
Alocasia odora in various stages of bloom, a solitary tree fern.
As it was getting dark, we head back to the town to have dinner.

On sunday we visited the bird alley (the area will be redeveloped
soon) and the fish street. We then took a bus to Tuen Mun area to
see Nepenthes mirabilis. It was cooler than the day before so our
hike was not easier. The area was heavily weathered with poor
latertic soil. The vegatation suffers frequently from hill fires.
Nepenthes mirabilis are growing along a stream along with Drosera
spatulata, Utricularia spp. and a sedge. We found some Nepenthes in
bloom of which Phil took some pictures. The pictures later came out
pretty well. We then see the annual Hong Kong flower show in Hong
Kong. We saw some interesting aroids there: a Philodendron with
white infructescence, a Typhonium sp with pedisecta leaves (Wilbert,
interested?) both entered by the Hong Kong House Plant Society. Phil
talked to the people there and they told us that the Philodendron was
imported from Holland. Phil asked them to send some of the
Philodendron to Tom Croat. (Tom, Wilbert, any idea of what may be?)
The Typhonium was obtained from a club in Guangzhou (Canton).

On Monday Phil was with with colleagues and we met at Fenwick Pier as
he invited me to visit the ship. We had to take a boat to get to the
ship as the ship has to anchor somewhere on the harbour. The sea was
very rough in the harbour. It used to be rather calm. Perhaps it was
caused by the narrowed harbour owing to reclamation and increased
traffic. Just before he step on a stair to get on the ship, Phil's
right foot was caught by the roller. After we got on the vessel, Phil
was inspected by the Medical who said that he could hopefully recovered
in 1 week. I was indoubted to Phil because his foot was being caught
by the roller while he was telling me to be careful. I was reliefed as
Phil told me he's in good hands as the Medical was one of his students.
Let's hope his foot will recover soon.

Shing Lam
Hong Kong

From: "NAME \"Wilbert Hetterscheid\"" <W.HETTER at pbga.agro.nl> on 1997.03.19 at 18:19:15(513)
Yo Shing!

I AM inded interested in that pedatisect Typhonium if you got some
living stuff of it. There's a relatively minor number of species
with that leaf type. The most common being T. horsfieldii, which has
invaded many a country and accordingly received many synonyms. So,
yes please, if you have some.

As to the Philo: I would need a photo to see if this is a generally
marketed species or cultivar here. The white inflorescence doesn't
help me particularly since I haven't seen many cultivars blooming here.

Cheers, Wilbert

From: Tom Croat <croat at mobot.org> on 1997.03.28 at 03:36:01(548)
Shing: Many species of Philodendron have white inflorescences so I will
need a bit more information. If ever you get a chance to take a photo
please do so. I don't recall seeing any particularly interesting
Philodendron when I was there but I could easily have missed it.

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