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  breaking dormancy in Amorph. seeds
From: "Alan Galloway" alan_galloway at ncsu.edu> on 2001.04.20 at 03:17:26(6217)
Steve, Don,
This is my third attempt at sending this message, after re-subscribing

> > The recent messages about breaking dormancy of Amorphophallus tubers
> > prompted me
> > to share some of my experiences with Amorphophallus seed.....
> >
> > In October of 1998 a friend collected (from a personal garden) seeds of
> > kiusianus
> > and mailed them to me. I promptly planted them in soil that I use for

From: Paul Tyerman tyerman at dynamite.com.au> on 2001.04.20 at 04:47:59(6218)

And I was asking on the Arisaema list about what had happened to mine that
had only been a couple of months.

Has anyone worked out whether they need cold or heat for germinating? I
was sent Amorph. henryii a few months back, promptly planted them lightly
covered with seed raising mix and put them into my terrarium inside.

What DO they need for germination? We are just heading into winter now, so
I am not sure whether putting them outside would be a good idea or not?

Any help would be appreciated.


Paul Tyerman

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.04.20 at 17:52:33(6225)
Dear Alan,

This is an experience we have heard of before with kiusianus. Since this
species is apomictic (dictionaries, dictionaries!!!!), it might have
something to do with that.


From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2001.04.20 at 21:55:30(6232)
Somebody's playing a joke on you. You say you were absent last week, did
you go away on vacation? Someone may just want to one-up you and show you
its not all the fussing you do over them, and switched them on you. But
then the plant gods are perverse. My orchids thanked me for going on
vacation by doubling in size their next growth while the remaining 50 or 51
weeks fairly struggled. Of course they bloom too after the shows, the buds
not opening till after registration deadline. If its open before the show,
a perfect looking flower will wait till that day and start to fade!

From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2001.04.20 at 22:25:46(6233)
On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Alan Galloway wrote:

> In October of 1998 a friend collected (from a personal garden) seeds
> of A. kiusianus and mailed them to me. I promptly planted them in
> soil that I use for all seeds and have kept them warm and watered.
> About a week ago, every single seed germinated at once. So this works
> out to 29 months of inactivity before germination. I wonder what
> happened in my absence last week to spur them to germinate!
> uuuuummmmm.

Alan, it seems I recall several of us having a similar experience with A.
henryi seeds a couple of years ago (though less than 2.5 years; I'll see
if I can find my records later), and the Amorph. issue of Aroideana (vol.
19, 1996) notes that A. henryi's closest relative is A. kiusianus. I
haven't grown many Amorphs from seed, but I remember the others as being
relatively quick to germinate.


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