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  Alocasia 'Portodora'
From: "Plantsman" plantsman at prodigy.net> on 2001.05.06 at 03:21:43(6378)
I hope I spelled this cultivar correctly. I've seen it spelled
at least a couple of different ways. Anyway it's the cross
between A. portei and A. odora. I had a plant that for some
reason last year, the main growth point died and then the plant
just sat there for a couple of months. Then I noticed a few
small growths coming up around it by last Fall. I overwintered
it in a friend's greenhouse as I didn't want to risk losing it.
I've checked on it periodically and noticed the new leaves
developing and decided to take it home today as our weather is
finally warming up. I hadn't paid too much attention to how many
shoots there was but it was looking crowded. I decided to
separate and repot it and check on the health of the original
tuber. On separating it, I discovered that I had seventeen
plants growing in that pot! I also noticed that this cross
appears to be somewhat stoloniferous as I found a couple that
were developing small tubers some distance away from the main

From: mburack at mindspring.com on 2001.05.07 at 14:25:37(6380)
Dear David,

I had a similar experience recently. I lost the growth point of a fairly large plant (the "trunk" is about 5.5 feet tall). This was due to a fungus of some kind that I didnt catch fast enough. The plant also has but out bunches of "offsets" at the base. (Which it does from time to time anyway) It grows quite vigorously here in Florida. I use them as large landscape accent plants.

I am surprised however, that you say they arent cultivated in your area commonly...here they are sold at numerous nurseries, usually for stupidly overpriced amounts of money....but nonetheless, they are very available.

From: "Michael Pascall" mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2001.05.09 at 15:50:48(6404)
Very strange happenings in tropical Australia !
An Alocasia that looks very much like A. 'Portodora'
has sprouted out of nowhere and shot up to over 2m .
Strange because this plant is not known to be 'downunder'
Growing only a few meters away are both of the parent species , so maybe it
was done by the birds and the bees !


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