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  Titan Watch 5/13/2001
From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2001.05.14 at 00:15:36(6435)
Titan Watch 5/13/2001: At 9 AM the Titan had reached 78" or 6' 6" tall. By 6
P.M. it had measured 79". This morning the Miami Herald sent a reporter to
do an extensive interview and a really great photographer, Annie Etheridge,
to take pictures. She took tons, with me, without me, with visitors, on a
ladder, she was really into it. She really hadn't expected the Titan to be
so impressive. I hope I get to see some of the pictures. The article should
be in tomorrows paper (I hope).

I was gone from the Garden during the afternoon, and when I got back at 5PM
I could see the first major difference in several days. The spathe is
beginning to loosen up in earnest. The red color on the reverse hasn't
reached full color yet, so it isn't quite ready to open. It does appear that
the spathe is swelling a bit in the middle, producing tension in the ribs so
that it can open relatively quickly when the time is right.

Suzanne and I have worked some of the problems out of the web cam we
installed, but we are going to try a new camera this evening to see if it
will be clearer. It will be moved a little closer to the plant. There should
be a link from the 2001 Titan blooming page, but just in case, here is the
address to view the page.


Happy Titan watching.

Craig M. Allen

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.05.15 at 15:29:18(6464)
Dear Aroiders:

It was an excellent article and Picture in the Miami Herald Yesterday.
And not only the local newspaper but all the localTV newscasters have
now picked up the story of the Titan Arum at Fairchild that has bloomed
two years in a row. They all talk about how bad it smells when it
opens....It is a welcome change from all the murder and mayhem they
normally salivate over when they do a news broadcast.

Craig you're doing a great job. Keep it up.

Denis Rotolante

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2001.05.16 at 15:10:36(6468)
there was a short tape of the unfurled monster in the tv news last night here in nyc in one of the stations. however, it was probably from the OLD flowering, as they didn't bother to get footage of this week's blooming. the local brooklyn botanic garden got a small plant of titanum (i assume it's a young one, although not sure how old it really is). i wonder how long it' ll take to stink up all of brooklyn. a few weeks ago, their bulbifer bloomed, two of them.

tsuh yang in nyc

From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2001.05.17 at 04:28:33(6474)
We have had people tell us that we were on the news in Scandinavia and
France. I have done interviews for media in Colombia, United Kingdom, and in
the USA for Boston, Atlanta, Kansas, Orlando, Fl. I even am getting
recognized in the grocery store. I ready for this to be over, as good as it
is for the Garden.

Craig Allen, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida

From: Jmh98law at aol.com on 2001.05.17 at 04:39:46(6479)
I was really surprised to find an AP report of the Big Stinky in our local
newspaper last night. Mind you, we live in a small town of some 50,000 people
more or less in Zone 4 to 5 (depending on how close to Lake Michigan one is
located). The 45th parallel is just three miles north of our house! The
incredible interest generated by the A. titan is wonderful, and a good
testimonial to the efforts of people like Craig Allen. The coverage from
Fairchild and the coverage last year from Selby has been really wonderful.

Jeanne Hannah

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