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  Aroideana and the Newsletter.
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.15 at 03:37:01(6454)
If I'm allowed, here are my latest two PENNIES. Aroid L is open to all
people whether or not they are IAS Members. If the talk on Aroid L is
readable, informative, helpful, welcoming, friendly fun as it has been for
me, maybe EVERYBODY who talks or listens can become sufficiently inspired to
join us in the IAS? Should not Aroideana, a MORE FORMAL(?) publication
and the (MORE INFORMAL) Newsletter together be interesting, informative and
readable to attract and impress ALL Members? Aroid L although it needn't
be either is often both. The three Arenas are surely not exclusive to each
other? but educationally and for the purposes of promotion of their e but
partly interdependent in enhancing readership? Aroideana is a JOURNAL for
the publication of key "Scientific Papers". Individual "Papers" may or may
not be relevant to their PRESENT interests but as one learns, they may
become useful later. I am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Biology.
Its Members range from Associates to Fellows with a huge range of interests
and abilities. The "Papers", specialised, technical and general are all of
very high Scientific quality. There are discussions, "Letters via the
Editor" stimulated by the "Papers" as well as peripheral advertisements etc.
In the Publication there is always something for everyone but most is NOT
for everyone! Obviously Technical Treatises have to be definitive and
their is limit to how "popular" they can be. The Status of Aroideana
depends on Scientific accuracy and unambiguity, the excellence of its
Papers. The IAS Newsletter seems presently to be a nebulous jack of all
trades and a servant for too few. Does it need new specifications to help
frustrated long suffering Editors? I would suggest that the Newsletter
should contain peripheral and on-going information not as suitable for
Aroideana. In "attachments" who's who, their interests, collection lists of
genera and species, Members' Births!, Marriages, Deaths, Life Changes, Lists
of Wants, Surplus & Exchanges, Reports of developments in Horticulture, of
Journeys into the Forest if they come back, advice on growing, Sources,
good and plants, Public Botanic Garden specialisms and whether they are
commercial accessible to Specialist Collectors, Warnings, Group Trips, Group
Strategies. etc It might also re-structure the best of what sometimes is
otherwise "lost" in the PUBLIC Aroid LEnthusiast "Advertising" Site and
information which is more for or ONLY for Members NOT the World, his Wife
and Big Brother?

Surely Aroid L ought increasingly to attract new and lapsed old Members to
Membership Support of the IAS. It works so hard to promote the Plants and
enthusiasm by talking about them on the net. I do notice that some of the
many contributors to Aroid L, previously me too were or still are NOT
Members. Maybe for some it's a shopping site for just rarities for which
they could surely be IAS members? (The IAS Membership List may not be up to
date? Please EVERYBODY join and we CAN get the things which mostly suit
everyone happening FOR EVERYBODY. It would be a mistake to popularise down?
It would be discouraging to me if found that the occasional Papers in
Aroideana were not definitive. Maybe more fine pictures, diagrams, details
of habitat etc etc would make the most technical MORE definitive yet more
appealling and readable? Should not content quality, relevance, and
readability be RAISED for all three arenas? I apologise for lowering the
tone of Aroid L with too many chuckles. I'll do better with your help and
suggestions in the Newsletter and try to raise the tone of everything you
need me to! It's now after midnight again. This is addictive! All you
quiet spectators out there! Please! Identify yourself! Speak! Big
Brothers and Sisters become IAS Members and we'll help you with YOUR
problems too! Please!
How about putting the Newsletter on a Membership only site structured and
synergised strategically to attract more and more Members? Let's keep
improving everything and making it easy to find wot's wot, when, how, why
and where?

I'm serious this time. Got any Spaths for the Ark? I'm shopping and I'm a


From: Paul Tyerman ptyerman at ozemail.com.au> on 2001.05.15 at 15:20:45(6459)
A few weeks ago I posted the following message to the Arisaema list after
someone "advertised" the Aroid Society (mistakenly actually.... thought
they were on aroid-l).

Anyway, this discussion about newletters etc reminded me to send the query
to aroid-l...... maybe I can actually get an answer now. I'm after a list
of exactly what benefits you get for joining. Given the Australian Dollar
is pretty useless at the moment it is rather costly to join overseas
societies.... so I want to know what I get before I join. So have a read
of the message below and hopefully someone can provide me with the answers.

Thanks in anticipation People.

Paul Tyerman

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.05.17 at 04:33:03(6476)
In a message dated Mon, 14 May 2001 11:37:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Ron Iles" writes:

<< Aroideana is a JOURNAL for
the publication of key "Scientific Papers". The Status of Aroideana
depends on Scientific accuracy and unambiguity, the excellence of its

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.17 at 15:34:28(6488)
Dear Paul

PLEASE join! I'll do my best with compiling Newletters which will enhance
what's on Aroid L. I received a range of past information and the long and
distinguished history
of the IAS is mind-boggling. With the daily increasing needs of the Planet
especially in tropic wilds, the "liveliest" and most challenging needs
support. The "Scientists" who give the highest credibility to the IAS are
extremely keen that their interests should be the cares and loves of as many
others world-wide as possible. Understandably they use Aroideana as an
efficient "Home" to publish their dedicated research. Aroideana alone cost
$30 to us non-Yanks. But with the insight you get on actually becoming a
Member, the whole picture of "Who's who", what's what, and why's why opens,
and WE can ensure that the Newsletter channels enhance this greatly for the
benefit of all Members. It is fairly young but old enough to have great
weight. Be

From: "Peter Boyce" p.boyce at rbgkew.org.uk> on 2001.05.17 at 15:49:07(6497)
<< Maybe more fine pictures, diagrams, details
of habitat etc etc would make the most technical MORE definitive yet more
appealling and readable?


I'd say definitely, but we need more members in order to bring
in more money in order to do this.


From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.18 at 14:40:02(6512)
Thank you Jason for your feedback. Maybe I'll somehow get through this
change of Editor and be everything to all. They don't lynch people in
Ireland. I won't repeat all I said about the Newsletter as maybe I've said
enough already but it has got to be a proper Society synergy between public
Aroid-L and prestigious reference Aroideana..


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