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  IAS 2001 Newletters
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.16 at 15:15:07(6470)
Dear Folks,

I was requested to be the next Editor of the Newsletter. I am a very recent
blow-in returning to Arums. I DO need a little time to get into focus.
Above all I need to find out what you would most want AND need to read in
the Newsletter as a adjunct to Aroideana, that magnificent arena of on-going
Aroid knowledge. From my reading and writing in Aroid L which is for
non-members and Members, I feel that some of the kinds of information there
could be pulled together and impacted for the Newsletter. Otherwise the
wisdom of little things could be drowned in mighty noise and dimly
remembered & relatively inaccessible to posterity. To take an outstanding
example would it not be good if Craig's colourful reports and photos of
Titan were pulled togethe as one in the IAS files not just dispersed and
intermittent with rude interruptions from the envious like me in Aroid L?
I would greatly like a vibrant section on Rain Forests, POSITIVE as well as
negative reports including visiting, collecting and the sheer wonder of
being THERE? Could we gazette and promote the Jungle Nature Centres found
to best for our Group? Maybe you will kindly suggest stimulating topic
sections and offer short palatable articles. Master Julius cooks for us
and so many others add spice and flavour and new ingredients. Some seeming
high on hallucinogens but really only euphorically passionate have merged
into poetry and lyrical hyperbole. The newsletter should be readable,
informative, helpful, stimulating, memorable fun. It is a shame to lose
what we have in the dust of just Aroid L. Most of you write very well.
Let's put the best of what is said together and make "News"! People want
to be able to read without only going through countless disjointed email
CHAT in Aroid L. Aroid L is great! People talk good to each other but
they don't seem to write things generally which you can everybody can
DEVOUR. I would like to see the very best (for the moment) duplicated for,
expanded, and diverted to the Newsletter PLEASE!

A Quarterly News Letter has to be formal and contrived. A lot of
spontaneity, inspiration and passion may be lost? We need to have at least
a monthly one which gathers peoples thoughts and feelings together and makes
our joints jump.

From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2001.05.17 at 04:48:51(6483)
It seems that we are to forever debate the contents and direction the lournal
and Newsletter shoud take, and the noticeable absence of any direction or
encouragement from our august board appears the solution is to be left into
the membeships hands. In that direction I suggest we cut to the quick and
let each editor print what they beleive is appropriate for each publication
and let the memebers judge. Lets get on with it Joe

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.18 at 14:38:42(6509)
Dear Joe,

Thank you for the strong
message. I have only your half page article.....(!)
with larger one in the pipe line. If I produce my first NEWS
Letter soon then I've got to write it mostly myself. Having read my
interminable consternations in Aroid L it would seem to be
good to be given free rein to drive a carriage and four through
a religious assembly? The Newsletter surely needs to have
its roles defined objectively.

I wait over the week end for
enlightenment, respectfully! After that I'll start a Survey of Members
Needs to add to the very tiny consensus I have so far. Let's re-start when
I can do it properly or not at

Yours cheerfully


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