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From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.17 at 04:55:35(6486)

I am very concerned about the distressing turmoil alien to me.
We love plants especially Aroids and ALL want to do our best.
These matters need extremely speedy resolution. I cannot remain in such
unresolved doubt. Am I going to be the first IAS Newsletter Editor who
lasts only a few WEEKS? Will someone
define unequivocally what MY eventual unpaid job specifications might be?
Or shall I use a DIVINING ROD, Crystal BALL or my feeble IMAGINATION?

Aroideana IS a long distinguished and prestigious Botanical Journal in parts
of which acknowledged Authorities publish "PAPERS" for posterity. Its
Editor finally decides WHAT is in it, HOW it is presented for the "market"
and WHY and WHEN, the on-off switch. If one looks at the Aroideana Index
for ALL issues apart from the "Academic" there are also parts which are
biographical, for Aroid breeding and culture, ecology, "Helpful hints"*,
history, Institutional Collections*, letters*, queries*, literature* and
reviews*, new Members*, Obituaries*, Packing/Shipping*, A POEM(!)(Glory
Be!), Aroid Postage Stamps, Aroid propagation, aroids as food etc. (Some
of the starred items might be also pertinent in a Newsletter?).

The IAS Newsletter is presumably for NEWS and for the things of importance
to Members between issues of Aroideana? So far for the "next" Newsletter I
have only two provisional contributions one a short helpful tip from a Plant
Grower, the other a list of International Aroid Researchers. So what makes
the NEWS and how do I add the LETTER part? I can rise to the latter but
not YOUR part of the former!

What is the Newsletter for? Some of us stick our necks and say things which
are NOT for the World and his Wife
in Aroid L that as an IAS MEMBER I would rather say to all
within IAS confines. Other, some not IAS, seem safer
behind their trees hoping their particular tree won't be cut down.....

It hasn't taken long to realise the hopefully easily addressed
problems. So I'll wait until I know what the IAS LETTER is for until I am
Editor. I'll say again a Newletter is for continuity, interest, exchanges,
help, FUN AND FRIENDSHIP FOR IAS MEMBERS. In this day and age that means it
should go be on its IAS WEB Site or sent email. Snail Mail is almost
extinct and if the Luddites need it then do they have computer literate
friends with a colour printer? Whilst you are all deciding what everybody
wants, let me get ready for the big day when I can start. I need the
graphics, IAS Logos and some brilliant original drawings, cartoons, jokes,
cookery recipes, poetry alluding to our interests and concerns, even
anonymous warnings, advice, reports, well qualified paranoia of Rain Forest
Health Promotions, SCANNED and UNSCANNED COLOUR PHOTOS to put in the IAS
News. News etc, not quarterly but as often as NECESSARY and I can process
as IAS NewsEd, "paid" with the occasional new Spath cast in my direction by
my consumer friends. You might care to consider the later horizons of
COLOUR, SOUND and VIDEO CAMS for the Newsletter on its Archive Web Site or
its emails?

From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2001.05.18 at 14:31:55(6503)
'use a DIVINING ROD, Crystal Ball or your feeble imagination'

At some point, the powers that be, must take control and make decisions on what
they can do, what they want to do, what seems best to start with, what is to be
to begin with. Nothing is written in blood that it all cannot be changed as
things go along. I know in the travel business, one of the kisses of death is to
ask a group what they want because, I guarantee, you will get a many split
decision with no definitive answer. Another words, two editors, take the bull by
the horns, bite the dust, and make decisions who will take what and how. Let the
dust settle where ever it will. Make it easier on yourselves because NO ONE is
going to make the decisions for you. You are going to have to put yourselves
into the equation at the top of the pile and just do it! I have confidence that
whatever becomes what is, will do just fine. We often see things as black and
white and unchangeable, but in all reality, all there is, is change. So just go
for it and make the decisions that you feel are appropriate and within your
capabilities. If others have complaints after the fact, offer them the job. I
might suspect they will put their tails between their legs and disappear from
the scenery rather rapidly as they mutter under their breath that it 'should be
done differently.' You will never please everyone so please yourselves. You have
heard much discussion of the many and varied parameters on the table, just
choose what is best for you and what you think is best for the society and what
is within the limits of what you think can be done by YOU!

With much gratitude for your volunteerism and your willingness to listen to our
many demands. Now it is your turns, to make decisions to start with and go for
it. I have heard so many variations on what was, and what should be. Just sit
down and define, Peter and Ron, between yourselves, who will do what and be done
with the chaos and indecision. It sounds to me like you are waiting for this
group to come to a consensus. Are you out of your minds? That will NEVER happen!


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