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  IAS newsletter - online or in print?
From: Carol Ann Bonner cadastra at mindspring.com> on 2001.05.17 at 15:52:15(6499)
I'm not an IAS member, but I am a member of AGGS (American Gloxinia and
Gesneriad Society, admittedly redundant.) So I don't know about IAS, but
AGGS still has older members who fill an important role in the club, but
who aren't online, or who are, but just barely, I think we have a ways to
go before we dispense with print on paper.

So, Ron, how many people have sent you articles for the newsletter? :->

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.18 at 14:37:38(6508)
Dear Carol,

Thank you for your kind and very pertinent posting questioning me! I have
received just one half page article!!!!! Another of more than a page in the
immediate pipeline. I am only a few weeks old and still finding out and
re-focussing. I wish to do things on market target from the beginning! I
wonder if most of the fertility and energy is going into in Aroid L! Hence
my BIG questions are as to whether those qualities can be re-directed to the
Newsletter and is the Newsletter NECESSARY? It is however a NEWSletter
issued only every quarter. Another idea I throw out (!) - should we
condense and consolidate the BEST which is in Aroid L quarterly and refine
and balance the ideas and put it into a Newsletter at least for the moment.
Since I have NOWHERE ELSE TO PUT IT, I will post a kind list of suggestions
by a Member for Articles to be written after this week end. Currently, most
of my energies are
being used in trying to find out what people want in the Newsletter as a
back up support to annual Aroideana. I need an informed decision on
objectives (reason for being) and consequent Specs for the NEWS....LETTER.
Unless I do it RIGHT, then it won't do more to increase and sustain
Membership and bring in the needed funds. I am at the stage of Losing
MYSELF in the chat, I expect you are the same. Brief and wiser direction is
needed. I cannot in ignorance provide that Leadership.

It is SO much easier just to write articles of all kinds oneself and then
refine them so they are publically acceptable. I look back on some of my
intentionally provocative chat with blushes but it had to be done swiftly.

I'll spell it out for EVERYBODY. You asked me to EDIT the NEWS Letter. I
NEED POLICY group decisions as to what the functions and roles would be most
productive for that publication need to EVOLVE? If I do it MY WAY as some
have urged even using the few past newsletters I have, the chances of being
WAY off target in the 21st Century are high. I am requesting that it can
be in ELECTRONIC FORM so that colour and photos are POSSIBLE, with hard copy
in B/W for those who have no computers.

For goodness sake, the Entomological Livestock Group (UK) has 600 Members, a
Newsletter, twice per month, on email or hard copy, mainly livestock
listings but anything is possible there. Where is the Member Plant
Have/Want List in IAS? Shall I put out a SURVEY OF NEEDS of Members in the
Newsletter for you to complete and ADD. In that Survey maybe I could bring
in people with long experience in Society Management?

Respectfully but frustrated


From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2001.05.20 at 03:21:22(6523)

Since the Newsletter is really only necessary for those who can't share
in Aroid-L, I

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