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  The chemistry of stink
From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2001.05.26 at 04:34:00(6567)
I was quietly catching up on e-mail this morning when a typhonium
announced another inflorescence as only typhoniums can. It is a peculiar
stench, initially just a slithering at the edge of awareness, then
suddenly I'm wondering how I came to be down wind from a pig farm, or
perhaps one of those really large cattle feed lots. It's definitely more
insidious than, and at least as potent as, the something-dead smell of,
say, Dracunculus vulgaris.

It's made me wonder if anyone has determined just what the substance(s)
responsible for this unique pungency is/are?

The typhonium in question today is T. divaricatum, obtained several years
ago from a friend on this list. It has always grown well enough, flowering
once or twice, but this year that pot has done exceptionally well,
flowering repeatedly all spring.

Most of the typhoniums I grow have this same type of aroma, the exceptions
being violifolium (which, by the way, is just too cute) and Sauromatum
venosum (this is still being renamed, right?). S. venosum smells bad, but
it just doesn't seem to be of the same magnitude.


From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2001.05.26 at 06:08:40(6577)
You may all think I am crazy and I maybe. But anyways but I swear the smell
of my Typhonium divaricatum is the same smell sold in this product no joke.
I have bought this before and me and my brothers and cousins all believe it
smells exactly the same. I have no idea what they put in it. But from the
way it smells it would be Typhonium blooms. Someone should buy it and tell
everyone what is in it as far as chemicals because it would have to be the
same thing the flower makes. :>))

Fart Spray Aerosol Can.


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