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  June Newletter
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.30 at 02:00:42(6604)
I shed BLOOD! It's being sent to the Printers tomorrow. Nineteen full
pages! Hope it's as energising for you as the mighty rush was invaliding
for me! I'm dying! Revive me with offers of Spaths
From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2001.05.30 at 13:32:58(6607)
In a message dated 30/5/01 3:01:03 am, roniles@eircom.net writes:

>The only Spath I've got from Aroid L is kind thoughtful Geoff Kibby whose
>reciprocal parcel I WILL send in the next day or so!

I'm blushing! Thanks for the kind words. Congratulations on finishing the
newsletter, look forward to seeing it. Cant believe there aren't more Spaths
out there somewhere in aroid land....someone help this guy please, he is
having Spath withdrawal symptoms....


From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.05.30 at 13:33:12(6608)
on 5/29/01 10:00 PM, Ron Iles at roniles@eircom.net wrote:
OK, OK, I'll join. I've been lurking and listening to all of your blood
shedding and I can only recommend that a caffeine drip will work as well.
Does anyone know what ever happened to spathiphyllum floribundum?????
Best Regards and How Do I Join?

-- Jill Bell

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.30 at 17:07:00(6616)
Jill, Jill, Jill!

Thanks a million! Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration and Digital
Photography!!!!!!!!!! Main line! Your joining IAS couldn't be more
timely! The July "News" Editorial covers, kind of gently(I jest!!!!!) with
all singing and dancing IAS Web enrichment for Member "Club" Dialogue!
Brace yourselfs folks. If you can share your special skills we can really
make this joint jump! Everybody, I mean everybody who reckons they are
interested in the aroids, jungles etc, just gotta join, ready, it will not
be long!

From: "Sheri Ann Richerson" voulezvous at fwi.com> on 2001.05.30 at 17:41:02(6619)
I think I've missed something here? Do we have a print magazine? Does it
need articles? I'm a writer.

Also, does anyone have any seeds or bulbs to share?


From: "Peter Boyce" boyce at pothos.demon.co.uk> on 2001.05.30 at 19:43:30(6621)
Hi Sheri

We have two printed publications. The Newsletter, edited by Ron Iles and
Aroideana, edited by Peter Boyce.


From: "Sheri Ann Richerson" voulezvous at fwi.com> on 2001.05.31 at 01:16:55(6624)

HOw do we get these? Is there a web site I missed?


From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.31 at 01:17:15(6625)
Hi, Sheri!

Thank you! I'm the new Editor of the normally quarterly Newsletter, the
next issue is June 2001, which is a "must".
The Newsletter is for Members of the International Aroid Society (>500
Global Members expanding rapidly now it seems. In the issue I put forward
suggestions which I hope will be very exciting and enhance the already
wonderful comradeship and significantly extend the facilities and Dialogue
between Members. You get a tremendously different view as a Member of the
IAS compared with the "public" chat on Aroid L. More and more it will be for
everyone (Enthusiastic gardeners to distinguished Botanists) interested in
what I consider the most important plant family on Earth. The Society is
the most kind and helpful I have ever met. Please look at the International
Aroid Web Site and join. This is an exceptional time for new Members and
you would of course get the newsletter which is not on-line. Yes, it would
be good to have new articles. What do you have in mind? Do you collect
and grow aroids?

From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.05.31 at 01:18:08(6629)
on 5/30/01 1:06 PM, Ron Iles at roniles@eircom.net wrote:
Ron, I think I could love you. Where in Ireland are you? I've been on a
riding trip from Galway through Connemara. I really loved the people and
the place. Water water everywhere!
I have a question. To save money for the club, people who have email
capabilities could get the newsletter in PDF format. Print only what you
must. ?? What do you think? Or, the PDF can be downloadable from the IAS
Just food for thought. You must feel like you have gone through labor.
Thank you for your exuberant reply and best regards to you and your spaths.
-- Jill Bell
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.31 at 01:18:35(6631)
Dear Pete!

Thanks! Great! I ****** tired after the last pressure weeks for IAS. Sorry
I didn't mention Aroideana as I hoped Sheri (and Jill and..) would be

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