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  Separating pups
From: Carol Ann Bonner cadastra at mindspring.com> on 2001.06.01 at 03:34:00(6662)
Is the best time to separate Amorphophallus pups during dormancy? I've
been letting my Amorphs sleep in their pots, but A. konjac keeps surprising
me in the spring with its tendency toward suburban sprawl.

Carol Ann

From: "Edna Parkyn" edna.paul at paradise.net.nz> on 2001.06.02 at 15:48:43(6685)
Greetings Aroiders,
I also, am interested in the answer to Carol Ann's query as to the best time
to remove the pups from Amorphophallus konjac. I have been offered the pups
of two mature flowering plants. One is in the garden and the other is
potted. Both have over a dozen babies each,and are in fairly dry soil. The
main flower stem has dried off and been removed.
We have just entered winter here in New Zealand and are experiencing
frosts averaging minus 2deg. It has been an unusually dry summer - drought
conditions in fact, and now we seem to have gone to extreme with periods of
heavy rain
and early frosts.

Regards to all
Edna Parkyn

From: mburack at mindspring.com on 2001.06.13 at 15:01:11(6700)
I have seen these questions on A. konjac, and I have to answer....people have to realize that konjac is practically a weed....as far as removing offsets or "pups" it really doesnt matter....the only way I have ever lost a konjac is due to rot...

When the plant is dormant just rip, break or smash the offsets off......those things are practically unkillable.

aroid-l@mobot.org wrote:

From: "James W. Waddick" jim-jim at swbell.net> on 2001.06.13 at 20:37:10(6710)
Dear Aroiders;
Can anyone help Mike Knox?
Jim W.

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