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  Wild Aroid Survey
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.06.22 at 16:02:15(6832)
Which folks out there are propagating wild aroids from definitive Sources?


From: mburack at mindspring.com on 2001.06.23 at 05:15:43(6846)
I was trying to do some propagating....but the plants I am refering to are very well behaved and I cant for the life of me remember if they came from Home Depot or Lowe's. I guess this wouldnt be of any interest.

(I thought that was funny.....I hope everyone gets it!!!!)

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.06.24 at 00:22:54(6856)
I do...... There was a time when I crossed (phor phun) two phalloids which I
suspected were closely related. The result was by chance a set of plants
with indeed intermediate characters. They were rather sensitive to
mechanical stress and only one survives. I never released anything from that
in public. When, however, I would create a fantastically beautiful Amorph.
hybrid with fine foliage etc. I would not hesitate to release it BUT with a
cultivar name, properly registered with an International Cultivar
Registration Authority. Same thing if I had a beautiful variant in a number
of specimens of one species. I could clonally propagate it, give it a
cultivar name, register it and there you are. This is what the plant
industry is all about folks, even on a small scale. Realise that there are
quite a number of named cultivars of Amorphophallus konjac, differing in
cultivation characters, or yields of glucomannan etc. There's a whole
industry out there based on agriculturally improved strains of
Amorphophallus konjac, and those of us that are on a diet based on Konnyaku,
utlise that to the full. So, what's wrong with that?

Lord P.

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