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  Xanthosoma maculatum
From: George Yao gcyao at netasia.net> on 2001.06.25 at 00:36:54(6868)
Hi everyone,

I visited a friend this morning and he showed me a plant tagged as
Xanthosoma maculatum. It looked very similar to Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' in
markings, but the leaves were more the shape of Xanthosoma sagittaefolium.
Anyone can tell me anything about this plant?

George Yao

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.07.01 at 16:24:53(6931)
Dear George,

IF poss., please post a photo! This 'Hilo Beauty' at various times has
been assigned to at least FOUR gerena that I know of, Colocasia, Xanthosoma,
Alocasia AND Caladium. I have been told that it has been known to flower
in cultivation, so this is yet another plea to anyone who grows this plant
to put any bloom it may produce in rubbing alcohol and get it (or at least a
GOOD photo of the entire bloom, AND then a cut-away showing the entire
spadix) to SOMEONE who can ID it to genus!

Good growing to all,


From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2001.07.02 at 16:35:32(6935)
Hello Julius and others. Here is what I think. It seems their are a few
plants that look just like Alocasia Hilo beauty. I have seen a
Schismatoglottis that looked just like it at a young age but as it got older
the leafs were longer than a Hilo beauty's. Also their does seem to be a
Xanthosoma out their that looks just like a Hilo beauty I have one under the
Debbie Swarts at Deb's Touch of the Tropics
These PICS are from her site. She seems to have both plants and compares
them very well.

this is her comparing the two next to each other.

This PIC is shows its size is larger and the lobes of the leaf look more
like a Xanthosoma. At least i think so. what do you all think?

A leaf of this unknown plant

From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.07.02 at 16:41:05(6941)
on 7/1/01 12:24 PM, Julius Boos at ju-bo@email.msn.com wrote:
I am glad that you brought up this plant, Julius! I have one plant that is
called alocasia "Hilo Beauty", and I am not sure where I got it, and a plant
that looks suspiciously similar but it is too small to tell, called
xanthosoma "Hilo Beauty" that I got from Tom Winn. If either of them
flower, I will write you for specific instructions on proper handling of the
bloom and send it to you, (I am guessing that you are more than qualified)
to properly identify. I am very curious and I figured that one of them was
mis-marked or that the nomenclature had changed.
Best Regards,

-- Jill Bell

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