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From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.07.07 at 06:32:03(6969)

The first "Newsletter" for nine months was produced very time consumingly
over three weeks in May. It was sent by snail and some Members as far apart
as Florida(!) & Wisconsin still hadn't got their hard copies today 7th July.
I have emailed default email copies to all from whom I received requests.

The reactions from some Members have been positive, generous & encouraging.
Others have not been positive. Some have discouraging, nitpicking & been,
shall we say, politely, unhelpful.

Beside the unpaid "News Editor" you now have the unpaid graphics & digital
artist Jill Bell for your communication. This is YOUR decision time.

You can either leave the entire content & policy to us to evolve the
publication with your positive feedback after each "issue"


We can wait until there is a consensus so as we can provide something of
which each of you want, some or all of the time....

The next "Newsletter" or as I called 23(1) the "World Member Dialogue" will
contain mostly as I understand it all the details of the IAS Annual Meeting
in Miami and the residual space will contain a limited range of wider
material. We will soon have the information available to begin the three or
more week period of production. It therefore seems likely that Members will
get 23(2) by snail mail at the end of August or the beginning of September.
As noted in 23(1) the Annual Meeting is on 22nd & 23rd. Except by
interaction through the Public Arena of Aroid L, a snail 2001 (2) "News"
cannot be interactive, nor can it be in colour.

I refer you to consider most positively the World Society Membership
implications of my 23(2) Editorial. Next week I will be requesting posting
of Member responses to that Editorial. We will need on-line feedback of as
many Members as possible whether or not they are directly on line.

My position is clear. I would like to see the IAS Members communication
towards monthly, in colour, supported by consequently enriched interactive
Members' Website, regionally ("Chapter") downloaded for non-on-line Members
with minimum snail mail for those who do not have Member Friends on line or
local cost & time effective "Internet Cafe Book Shops".

For the next pre Annual Meeting News if you or your Member friends want
earlier copy of 23(2) by email then please email Aroid L with the following

From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2001.07.08 at 03:41:24(6978)
Ron, it is very evident to me that you have taken exceptional efforts to get the
Newsletter up and going again. I would hope that our members would no matter how
they feel, be civil about any suggestions that they might proffer about the
issue or the production of such. I might think you would want both perceived
positive and negative responses. Hopefully they will be written in a form that
is not personal and with respect to the fact that someone is making a great deal
of effort to do what the group wants. AS to waiting for a consensus, you may
well have to wait until Hell freezes over before such is obtainable. Just do the
best you can, let the suggestions be listened to, do what is within your
parameters, and let the rest go. There will always be opposition to change,
listen and take what seems possible and appropriate, and let the rest go
wherever such goes. Never take anything personal..... what others spew at you is
their stuff, let them have it.


From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2001.07.08 at 03:41:37(6979)

There is an assumption in your plan to distribute Newsletters by E-mail.
That is that everyone will be
able to receive and use it.

For example, my E-mail will not accept file attachments or formatting so
it would have to be sent to
an alternate address. And even if it was received, it woild have to be in
WordPerfect form for me to
print it. Others will have to have it in Word form and perhaps even in
Appletalk, etc. etc.

From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2001.07.08 at 03:41:51(6980)
Our editor has spoken. It is quite clear that the quantity and quality of
futur issues lies directly with members. Come on folks break out your
ingenuity and contribute. Ron has done an exceptionable job given the
material and time he had to work with. :Lets all be a part of a greater
NewsLetter. Joe

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.07.08 at 16:17:51(6986)
Thanks Betsy,

Trying to keep up with the emails & still do my normal work, sing & assemble
the Spaths.. Your thoughtful help really was appreciated.

The emails are in chaos but don't wan't to neglect anyone out.

Happy Days


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