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  Digest list?
From: Floral Artistry jjingram at pacbell.net> on 2001.07.08 at 03:42:05(6981)
Is there some way that I can set this list to digest? I have found this to
be the easiest method to read my emails. But, I am not familiar with this
servers availability.

John Ingram

From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2001.07.08 at 05:13:00(6983)
Usually I reply directly to these requests but as membership changes over
time it's probably good to periodically publish these commands ...

There are 4 options affecting how posts to Aroid-L are delivered to you.
They are ACK, NOACK, POSTPONE, and DIGEST. ACK means you will receive a
copy of your own posts, NOACK means you will not. POSTPONE is typically
used when you will be unable to check mail for more than a few days and do
not want e-mail to pile up unread - if you set your subscription to
POSTPONE you will not receive any posts from Aroid-L until you change it,
but you will still be subscribed (and therefore still able to send posts
yourself). DIGEST means you will receive Aroid-L as consolidated, largers
files, usually one per day, containing many posts all bundled up together.
The default setting for a new subscriber is NOACK.

To set any of these options, send a note to:


(note this is NOT the same address as for notes to the list)

with the first and only line of text:


where "option" is one of the four options described above.


Note: this is a very old post, so no reply function is available.