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  Lime and pine nuggets
From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2001.07.19 at 02:52:22(7074)
OK I would like to know in my Alocasia mix would it be wise to add lime dust
to the mix of perlite and powdered sphagnum? So do the aroids like the acid
of the soil or does it matter. I know I planted a Philo willimsii in a mix
with pine nuggets and it seemed to kill it. I figured from the acid being to
high. The ones potted in a different mix are still a live. But the ones that
had the pine nuggets did not send new roots into the soil and finally turned
a bright yellow before dyeing. This also happened to another philo in only
12 day from being repotted. I have sense kept pine nuggets out of my philo
mix. My amorphs seem to like pine nuggets thought. But to me pine nuggets
and lime it seems most plants would only like one or the other do aroids
like both? Like azaleas they only like acid soil and will not live with lime
in the soil.

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.07.24 at 17:25:44(7105)
Dear Brian:

I always add eight cups of dolomitic limestone (Dolomite) to my soil mix
of Peat and Perlite. It help bring Ph of mix up to 5.5 to 6.0 a better
range for the absorption of nutrients by the plants. Ph of the soil mix
will usually shift downward (become more acid) as peat in soil breaks
down. Adding dolomite supplies Calcium and Magnesium and keeps the soil
mix at a higher Ph so that it lasts longer in the pot. Adding
uncomposted Pine bark to a mix might acidify the mix and if as they
decompose the bacteria and fungi that break down the bark may pull
nitrogen and other nutrients from soil mix. Soil mixes may be a subject
that we need to discuss further.

Denis at Silver Krome Gardens
Homestead Fla

From: plantnut plantnut at macconnect.com> on 2001.07.24 at 21:01:45(7111)
When you add eight cups of dolomitic limestone... to what volume are you
adding.... What is the cu. ft. of your mix...

From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2001.07.25 at 15:44:19(7122)
Is any one adding sulfur to the mix or any other rot protection? Also I have
been adding tons of bulb food to my amorph and Alocasia mix. This is the
stuff with blood and bone mill and other trace elements anyone else adding
this to the soil mixes? Anyone know how well it works with them?
My Alocasia mix for now is

2 bags 3 cubic ft of powdered spaghnum
1/2 a 3 cubic bag of manurer
about 6 shovel full of perlite
3 shovel fools of lime dust
half a bag of bulb food this is about 2 shovel full worth.
Also I have been adding mulch to the bottom of the pots this soil is very
lose and drains out the bottom after a good water. The mulch helps drainage
also keeps the soil in the pot.
If anyone has any other ideas would love to hear. Also would adding the
sulfur to this mix help stop rot?

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.07.26 at 02:00:03(7130)

Ooops, I'm sorry I left out the rest of the ingredients: 1 (6 cubic
foot) bale of compressed Canadian peat, 8 cubic feet(2 bags) of coarse
perlite, 2 cubic feet coarse vermiculite, 1 cup Micromax(Micronutrients)
8 cup Dolomitic limestone. This can be tweak with composted pine bark or
pea gravel, turface or whatever else you want to add. just throw all
this out on the garage floor after disinfecting and turn gently yet
briskly with a flat nosed shovel until thoroughly mixed.

Denis at Silver Krome Gardens
Homestead Florida

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