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  Big Show
From: Susan Cooper coops at execpc.com> on 2001.08.28 at 15:22:00(7313)
I'm planning on heading to the Big Show. I was considering driving from
Wisconsin so I can fill up the car with plants, but it is a looooong way!
I can't wait!
From: "Don Burns"donburns at macconnect.com> on 2001.08.28 at 16:24:00(7315)
Every year we see some guys fly in from California equipped with trunks to carry
plants. They end up paying over weight baggage fees but apparently its worth


From: Albert Huntington balberth at yahoo.com> on 2001.08.29 at 01:26:54(7316)
Last year I flew in from California with a big empty suitcase... Seemed to
work out fine after bare-rooting everything, which is probably a good idea
anyway. I find that bringing a bunch of plastic bags, paper towels, and rubber
bands doesn't hurt either.

This year, I am probably going to show up with a carry-on. About half my
collection is outside for the summer, the greenhouse is already full, and it's
amazing how much bigger everything has grown since last year. On the other
hand, some of those auction plants do look intriguing. :-)

In any case, I hope to see everyone there!


From: plantnut plantnut at macconnect.com> on 2001.08.29 at 03:30:39(7319)
Better bring the suitcase again.....

From: Susan Cooper coops at execpc.com> on 2001.08.29 at 03:31:44(7320)
Last year I stuffed 13 plants, including 3 Amorphos that were at least 3
feet tall into a garment bag. I could hardly carry it, but they all made
it home safely!

From: "Jeff&jodi Rosenstiel" jjjj at winternet.com> on 2001.09.04 at 13:28:57(7324)
Hi All!
Last year I had two suitcase that I stuffed and everything made it home in
great shape!
This year I will bring the wife along to carry the 2 extra! suitcases :)
Is anyone looking for help yet on Friday for setting up the show? or working
at the show?
Jodi and I are willing,
See you there!
From: Cgdz33a at aol.com on 2001.09.04 at 13:29:39(7327)
This may be an odd question to those of you who transport plants often but
does florida have any regulations about bringing plants onto a domestic
flight? I hope to attend and im sure ill but something and dont want it
confiscated at the airport

Eric C Morgan

From: "Cooper, Susan L." SLCooper at scj.com> on 2001.09.05 at 01:41:36(7337)
No, that is a great question, Eric. Oops, just realized I read it
incorrectly. I doubt Florida cares if you take stuff out, but what about
bringing plants IN?
If someone could answer both questions that would be great!

Susan L. Cooper

From: Susan Cooper coops at execpc.com> on 2001.09.05 at 01:42:19(7341)
Me too, I can help also.

From: "patricia frank" tricia_frank at hotmail.com> on 2001.09.05 at 01:42:53(7344)
Yes, yes , yes,
What do you like to do, there is always lots of stuff to do. It would be
great to have you set up on something before hand. At the time of the show
we tend to get a little frazzled and it's hard to direct anyone. But the
help is always needed.
Thanks Tricia

From: Susan Cooper coops at execpc.com> on 2001.09.05 at 15:24:05(7351)
Personally I like to lay around and watch TV, but I suppose that is not
what you mean! :)
What types of things have to be done?
I'm trying to talk my friend Sara into coming- told her airfares are cheap
from Pittsburgh!

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