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  Things to do in Miami...
From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.09.07 at 14:50:53(7403)
Hello everybody,
I will be arriving in Miami very early on the 20th of Sept. and I am leaving
very late on the 24th. If anyone would care to join me on some of my jaunts
around town, I am (sorry to say) skipping the nude beaches in lieu of Parrot
Jungle, Dewey's, Denis's, probably Mickey Carmichael's if I have time, and
walking every morning maybe at Haulover (sic) beach. I am renting a car and
staying at the Dadeland Ramada. Will take other suggestions as well, I am
lots of fun and like to make fun of everything so be careful.........
Best Regards,
Jill Bell
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.09.08 at 03:34:51(7414)
Jill, Jill!

No nuddy beach visits, no Spath
species in the auction, no mention of Spath
Nursery Tours, IAS maybe running out of back issue
Aroideanas, that's it, I can't come this year.

Everybody...Seriously I hope its the best
ever....and if there are any affordable Spath
species in the Booths....?

And of course, any Show "stories" some of you
need to

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.09.09 at 18:32:59(7433)
In a message dated Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:35:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Ron Iles" writes:

> No nuddy beach visits[...]that's it, I can't come this year.

Maybe a change of location for next year's show?

Jason Hernandez

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.09.10 at 02:38:40(7436)
(aside) This Fellah doth re-broach my subtle
message with the most devious cleverness, methinks
he has the place where instead we all should go
for our completed blissfulness. (raising voice a
little) Speak wise one!. (aside) to what is he

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.09.10 at 22:18:53(7440)

There are acres and acres of Spathiphyllum growing here in South Florida
in shade houses. Unfortunately, they are all tissue cultured, hybrid
commercial varieties designed for florist, interiorscape or Mass-market
chain stores consumption. I don't think you could find a species in the
lot with the exception of a few florabunda varieties designed for small
pot usage. The best usage I found for them was the nurseryman who
painted all the spathes red for Valentines day with florist paint. They
were beautiful until the next set of buds opened and disappointed the
owners with their plain white coloring.


From: Don Burns donburns at macconnect.com> on 2001.09.15 at 03:29:54(7500)
>Hello everybody,
>I will be arriving in Miami very early on the 20th of Sept. and I am leaving
>very late on the 24th.

Hi there. Still coming down? What airport are you flying from?
I just cancelled several business trips scheduled for this and next month.
Meetings were cancelled because too many other were declining to be at
meetings. I have always wondered what it was like when Pearl Harbor was
attacked. I think I am finally getting my answer.


From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.09.15 at 14:04:52(7503)
Hi Don,
I have not changed my plans, though who knows what will happen. I am flying
out of Hartford on a non-stop to Miami, AA. It leaves at 6:30 am
ostensibly, so perhaps I should just sleep at the airport. (just kidding
but nothing seems funny)
I have very strong feelings of needing to get away first of all, and since
the unspeakable events of the eleventh took place, in a strange way even
though I have never met any of you face to face I feel strong ties to some
of you. (You, Dewey, Scott, Petra, Julius), so it will be a very positive
thing to meet those of you that are there. Connections to people over the
internet are a funny thing, it has certainly allowed (for me) the umbrella
of caring, if you will, to extend into circles that are far removed from my
ordinary life.
I must tell you that since this happened, I have been amazed to see the
inanity in which business as usual has been conducted by some on the list.
I am not able to get to the point of lightness. I cannot get out of my mind
what the friends and relatives of the missing must be feeling.
Best Regards,
Jill Bell
From: "Jeff&jodi Rosenstiel" jjjj at winternet.com> on 2001.09.15 at 14:06:14(7504)
Hi all,
Same here, arriving on the 20th-leaving on the 23rd,
Jodi and I are willing to help set up Friday, and work on Sat if you need
Haven't had a drug test in some time :)
anytime Friday, setting up tables? plants? would be fine ( as long as I have
time to shop a little :)
would prefer morning hours on sat, the earlier the better till around 2pm or
so? I work the early shift here so I have no problem getting up at 3am :)
Have worked plant sales tables up here, etc. packing etc.
Brian, If gas hits $7.00 a gal I would be willing to give you $50.00 for the
camera to help out :)
Well let me know :)
Jeff Rosenstiel
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