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  thank you all for your concern
From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2001.09.12 at 02:32:35(7468)
dear friends,

i just wanted to say thanks to all who have written, privately or otherwise,
to express their concern and sympathy.

i'm at home now after our offices closed down. ?fortunately i do not work
anywhere near the financial district, as i have in the past. ?this
morning, the day started out really nicely, with beautiful, blue, clear
skies. ?when i was going to work, however, our train got stuck in the tunnel
and the conductor announced "believe it or not, an airplane has crashed into
the world trade center, therefore we are experiencing congestion ahead." ?
when our train pulled over the manhattan bridge, there was a collective gasp
as we could see closely both towers of the WTC burning, one was burning at
the top, whereas the other was more than half in flames. ?it was not to be
believed. ?i wondered at that time how were people trying to evacuate those
buildings. ?after we arrived at union square, i overheard some passengers
that had fled the downtown area talk about hearing and seeing the explosions,
and the ensuing chaos to evacuate the area. ?only then i heard that two
planes, not only one, had crashed into the towers, and that must have been
right before we crossed the bridge. ?later when i got to work, we saw the
towers collapsing on tv. ?it's hard to imagine that two buildings over 100
stories tall could be destroyed so quickly.

the downtown area is still totally engulfed in smoke. ?i had to take a
different subway line to get home since several lines are not running. ?as i
crossed prospect park in this clear and beautiful day, it felt deceptively
placid and idyllic, except for the enormous cloud of smoke in the horizon and
the smell of burning in the air. ?i'm still rather numb and in shock.

thank you again for all that have written. ?may we find peace in these
difficult times. ?

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2001.09.12 at 15:12:42(7473)
Dear Aroiders:

I am numb. I can't believe that people could be that warped as to
destroy the lives of that many innocent people and cause that much
economic caos. It has sucked the joy of growing plants temporarily from
my life. One thing that can be said is that there is too much hatred in
the world. I sit here at work not wanting to do anything important.
Everything pales in the wake of this horrible event.

Denis at Silver Krome Gardens

From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2001.09.13 at 02:45:54(7474)
Let us all remember our aim. We all desire peace, I think. Let our emotions
be just what they are. Honor them. One thing to remember is that hate, hurts
you. Compassion helps all mankind. At times like these, it is difficult to
understand, to see a way to find that compassion. Fear is normal. Our lives
in moments have changed forever. Patience, patience and look within. It is a
time to stand back and look within and find ways to move through this fear
and these emotions to a better place. Each of us will find our own ways.
Some will do the same thing as has been done for centuries, hate and
revenge. Some of us, will try in our own ways to find a different way to
move on. The old expression, doing the same old thing expecting a different
result, is so true. You get the same old result with different camouflage.
Let's try something new, and have faith that we will have something new and
better as the result.

This is a day of contemplation...... Peace

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2001.09.13 at 22:08:37(7484)
In a message dated Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:13:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Denis writes:

I sit here at work not wanting to do anything important.
> Everything pales in the wake of this horrible event.
I hear you. But as I write this, two days later, and at the end of a workday, I find that I am ready to go on. You see, my job is Environmental Education. I believe that, as I and my colleagues teach the schoolchildren about respect for nature, we can be empowering them to respect other human beings as well. In a long, roundabout sort of way, one might argue that our little education center is helping to prevent such things happening in the next generation. Or maybe I'm just being grandiose...I do that, too, sometimes.

Jason Hernandez

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