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  P. spiritus-sancti
From: "Scott Lucas" htbg at ilhawaii.net> on 2001.11.08 at 00:55:35(7778)
Responding to Denis' recent post: for tissue
culture purposes you do not need to sacrifice the apical meristem since
successful propagation can be had by culturing young leaf tissue.

I would tend to agree with Denis' comments
on ease of culture via soil as this plant is most epiphytic, with wide-ranging
aerial roots that would not provide for a tidy subject in the formal

From: "Harry Witmore" harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2001.11.08 at 03:00:16(7782)
Well, I'm fairly new
to this list and the IAS. I saw the prices being paid for this plant and while I
would love to own one, I believe it's a major waste of money. Don't get me
wrong, I love my plants and will pay what I think as very high prices ($60) for
them. Not being a very competitive person I can't see why I would pay so much
for a plant. But, if I did have one I would love to share it and make it
available to those that cherish it.I never look at any life as being an
investment but an honor to have experienced things that most people don't get
to. While I know that wild collected plants are needed to establish a plant in
the culture, I believe all efforts should be made to reproduce it for any
further sale or use as a specimen

I really understand

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.11.08 at 16:34:50(7784)

Now there can be thousands,

From: "WEAVER,BILL (HP-USA,ex3)" bill_weaver at hp.com> on 2001.11.08 at 22:43:01(7790)
I confess to having no idea what a Philodendron spiritus-sancti is.
(other than a philodendron) Is it a really cool plant that also
happens to be rare? Or is its desirability due simply because of
its rarity? (I have tried to find some sort of photo on the web, but
searching on Philodendron or P. spiritus-sancti came up blank and
searching on just spiritus-sancti pulled up a HUGE amount of unrelated

Bill Weaver

From: Jill Bell godjillab at home.com> on 2001.11.09 at 01:14:55(7791)
Hello Bill,
I would say that it is a VERY cool plant that is also very rare. I put a
link here that will take you to the IAS auction page which, if you scroll
down, has a photo of the aforementioned plant. Let me know if you DON'T
want one!

Best Regards,
Jill Bell
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.11.09 at 03:46:47(7792)
Dear Bill,

It is a VERY beautiful plant---come and join us, the members of the
International Aroid Society, there is an article wih both photos, excellent
line drawings and information as to the status and locations where it is and
was once found in Brazil within the pages of the latest issue of our
journal, 'Aroideana', you do NOT want to miss it, and among other benifits
you receive a copy of this yearly journal with your membership---looking
forward to welcoming you aboard!


Julius Boos

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