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  For dracontium nuts
From: "Cooper, Susan L." SLCooper at scj.com> on 2002.04.03 at 21:26:11(8450)
Someone just emailed me a link to this photo
check out those glorious petioles!


From: "john s. smolowe" johnsmolowe at pacbell.net> on 2002.04.04 at 16:35:47(8458)
Can someone please estimate the size of that Dracontium pitteri flower?
In the photo it looks greater than 18" - ie huge - but that may just be
the camera perspective. And if it is that big, where can I get one &/or
at least read more about that species?


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.04.04 at 20:42:04(8467)
My guess is this is Drac. gigas. Dr. pittieri has a huge peduncle and would
tower its inflorescence way above a man's head.


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.04.05 at 01:15:40(8470)
OK---here we go---First off, as Wilbert suggested and Susan confirmed, the
photo is of D gigas, one of the two giant species of Dracontium found only
in Cen. America (the other is D. pittieri, more on that later). I have a
photo of a small-looking Caucasian man standing at the side of a plant of D.
gigas in bloom, the top of the spathe is at his mouth-level, so say close to
5 ft. tall?! The petiole (only the base is visible) must be at least 12+
ft tall, and is as thick as his forarm!
D. pittieri`s photo shows an infloresence held by two latin-looking men,
the top of the spathe is at least 9 ft. tall. The leaf is reported to be
as big/tall as D. gigas, the difference is that D. gigas has an
inflorescence shorter than the petiole, while D. pittieri has an
inflorescence as tall as the petiole, and the spathe is more
We auctioned plants of D. gigas last Sept. at the IAS show in Miami!!
They are sometimes available from 'nuts' on this list. WONDERFUL genus,
all 23 or so of them!!
The other 'odd-ball' S. American genera such as Taccarum, Synandrospadix,
Gorgonidium, etc. are also wonderfully strange aroids!! My buddy Bobby`s
FANTASTIC Taccarums, the largest I have seen or heard of in cultivation,
are just coming up, the short, paper-like blooms with a tall, 'shaggy'
spadix will soon follow, and with luck seed will be available in fall!!


From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2002.04.05 at 04:20:12(8473)
I for one love the Dracontiums. The stems look a lot like my favorite
species Cyrtosperma. Also I must add that the Dracontiums are a lot more
tolerant to rot for me than the Amorphophallus. I have a few on small corms
to trade on pitterii and Gigas. If anyone would be interested. THANKS

From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.04.05 at 16:25:17(8480)
Its really ironic....

Everyone seems to say dracs are not as rot prone as Amorphs....

Amazing... I can rot a dracontium just by looking at it!


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.04.05 at 20:58:31(8482)
O.k., now that Julius has established that size matters, my Taccarum
caudatum creates inflorescences of 1 meter long!!!!!!!!! Can your friend
match that?


From: "Michael Pascall" mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2002.04.06 at 15:37:44(8490)
Trust 'Big Willy' to boast !
Soon I will be able to brag about my gigantic D.gigas ,
and the prodigious D.pittieri .
The largest last year was only a bit over 8' to the base of the flower .

Michael Pascall,

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.04.06 at 15:38:08(8492)
Don`t feel alone---my friend Bobby grows most Amorphallus', Taccarums, etc.
with little problems, but can NOT grow Drac`s without them rotting! Your
mix may not drain well enough??


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.04.06 at 15:38:22(8493)
Hell no! 1 meter long??? That is fantastic! But are your petioles
1.25m tall, a beautiful jade-green, and as thick as your forarm??? :--)>

>>O.k., now that Julius has established that size matters, my Taccarum

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.04.07 at 00:09:58(8494)
O.k., o.k., I surrender for so much beauty and strength.......

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> Onderwerp: Re: For dracontium nuts

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.04.07 at 22:32:42(8496)
>>O.k., o.k., I surrender for so much beauty and strength.......<<

Hello my friend Wilbert!!,

A 'little birdy' tells me you have Ulearum sagittatum??? This is one I
once obtained and lost because I planted it too deep! If and when possible
please keep me in mind for a small cutting!

Best Wishes,


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