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  Typhonium hardiness
From: "James W. Waddick" jwaddick at kc.rr.com> on 2002.04.15 at 16:41:16(8559)
>Ah, so you mean "hardy in MY conditions!" Now THAT is something
>different. I just cannot imagine a Typhonium surviving -5 or less
>(that's Celsius, dear people, C E L S I U S )..........

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.04.15 at 19:16:45(8562)
Yep, in fact the only ones that are proven "hardy (as in cold-tolerant) are
giganteum and venosum and possibly diversifolium.


From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.04.15 at 20:51:13(8564)
Ironically, I am starting to think than T. giganteum isnt only hardy in cold temps.. I am about ready to believe that it doesnt like hot temps period...

I routinely kill mine at the beginning of our spring and summer here as temps get out of control.

(For those "friends" of mine that itching to make a comment something like "you routinely kill all of your plants, not just the Typhoniums and not just in the spring and summer"... lets just let that slide this time around!!! (SMILE)).


From: "James W. Waddick" jwaddick at kc.rr.com> on 2002.04.16 at 14:32:12(8568)
Dear Marc;
You wrote

>Ironically, I am starting to think than T. giganteum isnt only hardy

From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2002.04.16 at 15:06:57(8569)
On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, James W. Waddick wrote:

> In my Zone 5 garden in Kansas city, T. giganteum is THE
> LATEST aroid to emerge. Just when I have given up and realized it
> finally croaked last winter it pops up in July or August!! I never
> even see it is spring and early summer. By the time it finally
> emerges, we have had weeks of 100F plus. Of course you didn't mention
> where you live or climate info.

Same here, roughly 200 miles south and in zone 6 (NW Arkansas). By the
time T. giganteum shows up, I've usually forgotten it's there.

> I still haven't convinced myself if it does best in sun,
> shade or half way there.
> No clue Jim W.

Again, same here. I've tried all three. I've nearly talked myself into
favoring half shade, but that might be because I don't want to move them
again. I do get better flowering than in full shade.

Despite years of inflorescences, I've yet to see a seed.


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