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  Amorph odoratus.
From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.05.16 at 14:45:57(8806)
I am pleased to say that the A. odoratus I have been growing for a few years finally bloomed.. opening fully this morning.

I have heard many reports that "odoratus" was pleasant smelling... reminding people of carrots.

What I can say is...although it doesnt smell like rotting dead meat or feaces... I wouldnt exactly call it "pleasant".

It smells like a spicy idunnowhat... tolerable for a small period of time.. but definately not on the list for possible future air fresheners!!!!


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.05.16 at 18:22:02(8809)
What IS it with you people and your noses? The main constituent in the scent
of Amorphophallus dunnii (Marcus, read your literature better!!) is
1-phenylethylacetate, a typical "fruity" smelling compund, also used to
influence the taste of candy.

Lord P.

From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.05.16 at 20:56:55(8811)
Yes, yes, I know it is now dunnii, but old habits die slow.

As far as it being fruity... it isnt just me.. my little boy (5 years old) came outside this morning and I said to him.. "Adam, go and smell that 'flower'". (no I wasnt going to say to the 5 year old, go and smell the infloresence).

Upon smelling it, he said.."Ew daddy, why do you make me smell these disgusting plants". Now here is my point... if it smelled "fruity" we both wouldnt have reacted that way..

See... it wasnt just me :)!!!!!

From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2002.05.16 at 23:40:32(8818)
If I can put in my 2 pence worth on this topic the smell of odoratus is
exactly (for those old enough to remember it) the smell of hot Bakelite, that
primitive early plastic they used to make electrical plugs from, it always
seemed to be brown. There is a slight carroty-fruity component also however.
One of the less obnoxious species, even tolerable indoors.
Geoffrey Kibby
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