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  Growing were no one has grown before. :>)
From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2002.05.22 at 04:58:49(8846)
I will try my best to describe the problems that I have to face. LOL

The temperature here in KY usually reach 0F to -10F with a few time going as
far as -20F Which would make a zone 6 in Celsius -23 to -18

Now having these types of temperatures few besides the fanatics like myself
actually grow many aroids.

Here is how I do it. The greenhouse use the double layer plastic with the
air space in between for insulation. I have a boiler type heater that we are
getting this year. This will run off of fire wood. We also have gas heaters
that kick on if I am to lazy to run out and put wood on the stove. The
harder I work the less my heating bill. the lazier I am the more I pay.

During the winter its best to for me anyway to get as much light as possible
so no shade cloth during the winter months.

For cooling off in the summer. All the greenhouse doors are opened and the
huge exhaust fan will kick on if the temperature goes over 85F. I also use
mister systems which are getting hooked up to timers as well as capillary
mats which I find very helpful in propagating many of my aroids and keeping
the humidity up. Two wet walls that I made with plants growing up it work
very well in keeping it cooler.

Not to mention most of this greenhouse is being turned into my personal
conservatory. Rock walls are being put in. We are using a sponge rock which
is very porous and light that will cover the 10ft tall walls. These wall
will help insulate as well as capture heat during the day and release it
during the night.

From: "Harry Witmore" harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2002.05.23 at 02:14:56(8853)
Although I don't have quite the extremes as Brian, I to grow in very similar
conditions and use 73 % shade cloth in the summer and none in the winter. I
also use 6 mil double layer of plastic with gas heat.
This year wasn't too bad but last year was really expensive. But, this is my
only hobby and I probably spend less in a year on plants than a golfer or a
race car fan.

Harry Witmore

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