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  Dracunculis potting mix
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.06.30 at 00:55:48(9046)
Hello Susan,

Just a quick note, I was at Fairchild last Mon., and saw a specimen of A.
paeoniifolius grown by our friend Craig Alen, perhaps THE best aroid grower
I know, that was absoloutly fantastic, at least 5-6 FT tall, the leaf 6 FT
across, the petiole 8" (yes, eight inches!!) in dia. at its base, a
wonderful mottled color, truly a sight to behold! What a wonderful marvel
of nature!
There was an Amorphophallus gigas in bloom near to anthesis, the leaves of
'Alice' and 'Mr. stinky' were fantastic (both huge specimens of A. titanum),
and many other species in just fantastic condition, some blooming, some not.
On another note, most of you may know that I am a 'nut' when it comes to
aquatic Lasioid aroids such as Cyrtosperma, Lasia, Urospatha and others.
Many may not know that at last Sept.`s show at Fairchild that I 'farmed out'
all of my Urospathas to Craig and Brian, as I was going through some 'hard
tiimes' both emotionally and with jobs, etc. Last Mon. Craig was not at
Fairchild, and as I was walking through the rare plant house, came around a
corner, and there in front of me behind a protective glass wall were THE
most wonderful collection of Urospatha species I have ever seen, most in
bloom!! The centerpiece was a specimen that is either the species
collected at the mouth of the Orinoco river many years ago, or a hybrid of
this with U. grandis from C/Rica! It had the most beautiful shade of
purple-bronze on the exterior of the spathe, and a cream interior, the
spiral to the spathe and its exterimity made this plant to me THE most
beautiful of all aroids!
The Urospatha sps. collected in Fr. Guyana all demonstrated how different
their blooms were, long all-green 'tubes', no spiral, ending in a very
pointed tip, all almost completely closed. The loud 'exclamation' (not a
polite one!!) that I uttered on first seeing these marvelous plants must
have startled and scared most of the guests out of the garden! :--)>
Thanks, Craig!!


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