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  Japanese Beetles on sauromatum
From: "Alex Bilgri" a_bilgri at hotmail.com> on 2002.07.03 at 04:07:13(9061)
Hi all,

Today I noticed A single japanese beetle on my Sauromatum venosum. The
single beetle almost destroyed an entire leaflet. Can this plant take normal
chemical pestisides? Are there any natural pestisides that will work for
japanese beetles?

From: Susan Cooper coops at execpc.com> on 2002.07.03 at 16:14:37(9064)
Thumb and forefinger

Are there any natural pestisides that will work for
>japanese beetles?

From: araceae at earthlink.net on 2002.07.03 at 19:17:21(9065)
What about two bricks.

Thumb and forefinger

From: "Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden" htbg at ilhawaii.net> on 2002.07.03 at 20:21:20(9067)
Check http://www.planetnatural.com

They sell three items that may be of interest:

1. Japanese Beetle Trap.

2. Milky Spore (Bacillus popilliae) --- perhaps your best bet!

3. "Spikes of Death" -- actually lawn aerator sandals that their
researchers claim kill 56% of Japanese beetle grubs by walking over plots of
lawn 3 to 5 times.

What ever works!

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2002.07.03 at 20:54:43(9068)
In a message dated 7/3/2002 12:19:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time, araceae@earthlink.net writes:

>Thumb and forefinger
> Are there any natural pestisides that will work for

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.07.03 at 20:56:21(9069)
Why not use a machete on the obscenity & let the poor little beetle run back
to Mum?

----- Original Message -----

From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2002.07.03 at 20:57:53(9070)
Milky Spore Disease is natural and it will rid you of them forever.
The down side is you may have to do the neighbor's property too.


From: "Alex Bilgri" a_bilgri at hotmail.com> on 2002.07.04 at 05:06:44(9074)
Where do I get this milky spore? I looked for it at our Fleet Farm and they
didn't have it.


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