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From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2002.07.31 at 02:20:21(9140)
hi all,

this is not even closely related to aroids, but i know there are lots of very knowledgeable tropical plant growers here...

i collected seeds of a yellow-flowered Allamanda in brazil last year. it has smaller flowers than cathartica, and it's a bush rather than a vine. any guesses on the species?

also, what species is the one with purple/rose flowers?

tsuh yang CHEN in nyc

From: Eric_L_._Schmidt/LEU/CYS/Orlando at priv.ci.orlando.fl.us on 2002.08.01 at 04:29:45(9153)
The bushy Allamanda with smaller flowers sounds like it is Allamanda
schottii, formerly known as A. neriifolia.

The purplish one is A. blanchetii, formerly known as A. violacea.

Eric Schmidt

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2002.08.02 at 05:57:33(9170)
thanks everybody, for your replies.

one funny thing about this is that the plants that came up from seed that i collected from the Allamanda blanchetii in brazil, they look exactly like juvenile Solandra. i have not been able to find pics of the blanchetii leaves to compare with. i had seeds of Solandra once but i don't remember ever sowing them. oh well, once it blooms we'll find out.

as for A. schottii, i have not had any luck with germination. anyone know of a good trick to induce that? thanks.

tsuh yang CHEN in nyc

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