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  Suran in Season?
From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.08.27 at 23:59:12(9301)

I am curious whether anyone has found Suran (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius)
in a grocery store this year, or knows when it will be in season. It would
most likely be found in an Indian or perhaps a more general Asian market.
My mom tried the shop where Bill Weaver found some last year, with no luck.
I checked out the Los Angeles (Artesia) markets this weekend, again
unsuccessfully. I'm particularly interested in whether people have seen it
in either the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay Area, although I'm sure
others would be interested if it is available elsewhere.



From: "Cooper, Susan L." SLCooper at scj.com> on 2002.08.28 at 12:15:44(9306)
Quite a coincidence, we went looking for some in Chicago's Indian district.
At one of the last markets we tried, the owner told us they only get frozen
now, the fresh doesn't ship well and spoils quickly.


From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.09.05 at 20:55:23(9342)
Just a follow-up :

I did a search on the web and found a mail-order Indian grocery that
delivers by UPS. In their section "Fresh vegetables" they list about 50
things, including Yam (Suran). They give a phone number to call for fresh
vegetables, perhaps because things are seasonal. Wanting to avoid a
possibly difficult phone conversation trying to explain that I need the
whole tuber, I decided instead to send an e-mail describing why I wanted to
grow the plant, etc. I sent this last Friday and haven't heard
back--perhaps they thought it was a joke!

Right after I sent the e-mail I realized that it would be highly unlikely
that they would send produce to California. We have strict laws prohibiting
the import of produce (also plants) as anyone who has driven into the state
can attest to! (a private individual can usually get away sending a plant
or tuber without it being confiscated, though...). So I figure it would
probably be pointless for me personally to pursue the matter. However if
anyone else is interested in trying, here is the info:

Patel Brothers: http://www.patelbrothersusa.com/new/

From: Don Martinson llmen at wi.rr.com> on 2002.09.12 at 14:20:22(9399)
Just a follow-up :
However if
anyone else is interested in trying, here is the info:

Patel Brothers: http://www.patelbrothersusa.com/new/
Click "go shopping" on the left, then under the groceries list click on
"fresh vegetables"
Their phone number to order fresh vegetables is: 718-539-4646

I'm curious what the result is, if anyone is interested enough to try.


I made an inquiry to the above mentioned Patel Brothers and they
replied that they do not have suran (even though it was listed on
their web site).

Don Martinson

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