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  Anchomanes dalzielii freebee #2
From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2002.08.31 at 06:03:42(9317)

I have another collection of seeds of Anchomanes dalzielii to distribute and
this time it's gonna be faultless. The last time I failed to get seeds to
the non-USA requests because of a mailing failure. This time it is going to
work fine (I guess.....). Those of you in the list below did order the seeds
and didn't get them (as far as I know):

Bergh, Marylin van den
Chee Kin
Gregg, Alan
Kibby, Geoffrey
Neitz, Martin
Pascall, Mick
Scherberich, David
Sierzega, Dan
Suchy, Berthold
Tyerman, Paul
Wielicky, Marcin
Winkler, Mario

All of you in this list will get them this time.

Everyone not on this list and yet interested, send ME (NOT Aroid-L, don't
use the reply key!!!!) a request at hetter@worldonline.nl and do NOT forget
to give me your full postal address in that message. This is a freebee but I
hope to keep hassles to a minimum, so please follow the instructions.

As to germination, I have better data now than the first time: sow the seeds
upon arrival in a sandy mixture (about 1 cm under the surface) and keep it
moderately moist (this is a species of dry soils). The first shoots here
came up about 2 - 3 months after sowing, so a little patience is in order.
You may want to carefully check the seeds every two weeks because they are
susceptible do rot and bad ones better be separated from the good ones
whenever possible. A long root is developed first before the shoot appears.


From: Scott Hyndman hyndman at aroid.org> on 2002.08.31 at 11:04:39(9318)
The correct URL for Wilbert' A. dalzielii page is



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