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From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.12 at 13:32:56(9398)
Esteemed Sirs, Mr. P & Mr Chen

Clinical microscopic taxonomy is so impressive & beguiling, necessary &
makes Life blissful for many who suffer scraping out a meagre living from
the hard labour. Fine & next year, the new taxonomy may be even more valid
than now. It is a most noble & laudable quest for human ordering of Truth.
Plant pet owners who have given their pet their own fancy name can always
change the valid plant name on its real birth certificate...again. I wonder
when Sections will be promoted to full genera & sub sub sub species to sub
sub species? But I must say gently that for me when there is more
pre-occupation with the minutiae & perceived propriety of what Spaths seem
rather than how they eally are, the Spaths do get disturbed to their very
roots.. After such traumas I sedate my pets with their valid but all
different names, smile, go back to sleep & wait for things to turn full
circle. Then I blink momentarily & sometimes say things like "Oh my God,
somebody has re-invented the wheel...again?". Then I re-sedate the pets,
reassure them its all right & that the bogies will go away, make them
comfortable, tuck them up, smile more smugly, close my eyes, & go back to
sleep. Sorry in the latter circumstances I do tend to snor(t). BUT...do
please feel free to wake me when its all over or something truly really
amazing & important happens for the plants. And thank you God for giving us
Chaos to keep us pre-ccupied with how things are.

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