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  Reminder (corrected version)!
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.19 at 01:18:33(9434)

Surely the operative word in your quoted sentence from our International
Society Home Page is "exchange".
To me implicit in that is the word FUN & I DON'T mean shallow frivolity.
People have different senses of humour, some great some quiet, some get it
right others sometimes not quite right, one allows for that. We all have
our own choices in Life. If one objects to what subscribers write, one
can delete, remain quiet & watch sequence, or one can try to contribute
with FUN. Forgive me if I am wrong but is this your first contribution to
Aroid-L? If so I feel it is sad in your "maiden" speech because
of our whimsical allusions & anecdotes regarding those "plants that (you
say) we are
infatuated with"., you seemed to
want to judge & subjectively censure us for our perceived moral welfare.
The Subject maybe which "offended" you was a LIGHT &
(as you say!), colourful. "Debate on Stink" & later becoming central to its
theme was the
"largest" Amorphophallus, A titanum. That scientific name incorporates the
obvious which was being treated with FUN in our anecdotal cartooning &
As a previously unknown watcher you had the seeming alternatives, your
delete button or a
positive contribution, an appeal, to the debate not an seeming negative
telling based on what I suggest seems to be
what YOU think Aroid-L should & should not contain? If you are not yet a
Member of the Aroid Society to get a wider view of Aroid-L contributors
might I suggest you join urgently? This is
the day before the Miami Show. Are you going? I suggest that being a
Member might help you understand the "lightness" which often accompanies &
lubricates IAS discussion = EXCHANGE. In my view contributors to Aroid-L, a
live & happy band, are not judges to tell others what can or can't be there,
they entrust that
judgment ONLY to the moderators who in my view whilst promoting freedom &
variety of expresson have always ensured that the list conform to the
defined purpose of Aroid-L which as a newcomer you seem to want to
re-interpret for us. If you want their judgment to be changed in your
favour for our good then should you not appeal directly to them as the
moderators? If all you want is to receive information not EXCHANGE & SHARE
that's obviously OK! But come now old chap, LIGHTEN UP, this is a LIVE
Group who know each other & you can be part of that too!. I found it was
necessary to know the "faces" behind the NOT always obvious words. So,
Harry, please don't be a Party Pooper. We are
all benign professionals in great variety & mutual tolerance. Success
in email
communication is not always easy but we as positive contributors try to do
our best & do you know, sometimes we may even succeed too. Welcome to the
friendly wide world of Aroid-L, Harry!

Ron Iles

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