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  Amorphophallus FAQ part 3
From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.10.01 at 08:03:05(9473)

Great news--Scott Hyndman tells me that the FAQ will go on the IAS website
(Thanks Scott!).

Here are the remaining questions. As a novice grower, and since the
questions will go on the IAS website I really, really need input on this
next set. Send feedback either to me personally or to the list; I will try
to incorporate comments the best I can. This may be obvious, but I guess I
should add that input sent to me I consider personal and I will only mention
the name of the sender if he or she requests it. I may decide to
acknowledge people who helped when I've put something together (presumably
the questions will continue to evolve), but again only after checking with
them. Minor points and corrections, by all means send them to me.

I've decided that the appropriate way to deal with revisions is to repost
the revised question/answer as needed. Again, I'm always receptive to new
questions and ideas. I'm thinking of adding a question something along the
lines of "can I grow A. titanum?". I would imagine that a lot of people
become interested in these plants after seeing A. titanum in bloom or
hearing about it in the news, etc. I know that I did!

As I've mentioned before, I do not anticipate these as real answers, merely
starting points for discussion. My inexperience as a novice grower really
limits how well I can answer the following questions.

Thanks in advance for any help,


From: MossyTrail at cs.com on 2002.10.01 at 21:24:22(9476)
One question I did not find on the FAQ: for those of us unfortunate enought
to live outside subtropical Florida, which species can grow in a regular
house vs. a greenhouse?

Jason Hernandez

From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.10.02 at 02:51:00(9479)

Great question. Do you mean the tropical Amorph's that can't be grown
outside in a strongly seasonal climate? So will they get enough light (and
humidity) to grow OK and increase in size every year and ultimately bloom?
I'm curious as well and also wondering whether there are some that can hack
it as indoor/outdoor plants. I'm in zone 10 (S. California) but we still
can't grow some of the tropical plants that grow outdoors in S. Florida
because we don't have the near constant warm, humid air.

The broader question of whether any of these plants, including those that
most of us can grow outside (say A. konjac), can be grown entirely (and
again increase and ultimately bloom) inside is also interesting.

Wouldn't a six-foot konjac or paeoniifolius make a cool indoor "tree"?
Someone must have tried this, even if just temporarily... Too bad they
(usually) grow in the wrong season for Christmas!


From: Riley2362 at aol.com on 2002.10.03 at 12:56:37(9482)
Hi Randy,
I'm a little confused about your perspective of classifying anything as
indoors or outdoors, even though that may make perfect horticultural sense to
a specific grower in a specific climate. Basically, they were all born
outside ... someplace.
From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.10.03 at 17:41:33(9484)
> Hi Randy,
>> I'm a little confused about your perspective of classifying anything as
>> indoors or outdoors, even though that may make perfect horticultural sense to
From: ". ." iamwhatiam52 at hotmail.com> on 2002.10.04 at 04:54:57(9489)
About growing A. konjac in the house, here is my experience.

I've grown a few itsy bitsy (less than1/2") bulbs on my table by the
computer in poor light for 2 years, leaving them in the 2" pots while they
go dormant. They grow, but are a bit thin, and do multiply. They are now
16" tall. Interestingly, they seem to come up late, but go dormant about
the same time as the outdoor plants.

I also tried some larger ones inside because they look so damn cool
blasting up out of the soil in spring. They came up a month earlier than
the outdoor plants. They were then put outdoors and seemed OK untill
August, when they all burned out and went dormant. Sadly, no offsets or
increase in size. I'm going to try a large one next spring and leave it

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