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  What are these aroids?
From: "Chanrit Sinhabaedya" siamanthus at hotmail.com> on 2002.10.18 at 13:05:24(9564)
Please take a look at the first and second picture at this link,

What are they?
The first picture was collected from south tip of peninsular Thailand. And
sometimes when the humidity turn high, it can produce plantlets on the
leaves vein. Somebody told me it's Aglaodorum sp.

The second one was collected from the same area as the first one. it has
stilt root and its stem creeping horizontally on the humus rich soil. Is it

How about the ninth picture? Does anyone has any idea what is this


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.10.19 at 10:36:59(9568)
Dear Chandrit,

I am afraid that I will not be of much help in ID`ing the plants you
mention. The first does NOT look like the Aglaodorum illustrated in 'The
Genera of Aroids, or any aroid. In the future if possible please post a
photo of the dissected bloom that shows a CLEAR view of the entire spadix,
as this genus has a very distinctive spadix.
The second photo could be any one of the MANY climbing genera of aroids in
that region or even S. America, you will have to post a photo of an adult
plant/leaf and a bloom to be able to get any ID on this.
The only people that may be able to assist w/ the photo of the Typhonium sp.
are Dr. Alistair Hay of the Sydney Bot. Garden in Australia who I believe is
presently in the field, Peter Boyce of Kew Gardens, UK, perhaps Symon Mayo,
or maybe Wilbert Hetterscheid of the Netherlands! Hopefully one of them
may write in and assist you.
Good luck, I wish I could be of more help, but the photos, though good,
offer few or no clues by which these plants can be ID`d.

Julius Boos

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