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  nasty neighbor
From: LMassey628 at aol.com on 2002.12.07 at 14:18:29(9683)
I discovered yesterday that someone who lives on my street has sent a letter
of complaint to our local neighborhood association mentioning my "smelly
plant", Amorphophallus paeonifolius. Of course they don't like my
gesneriads, orchids, bromeliads either, but this is the only plant they
specifically singled out.
From: araceae at earthlink.net on 2002.12.09 at 00:17:46(9686)
Is it possible to sneak a blooming plant into her/his living room and
hide it behind the sofa?

From: Harry Witmore harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2002.12.09 at 00:32:04(9687)
This brings back the memory of being threatened with being thrown out of
my rental house because I owned dangerous animals ( boas, pythons, kings
snakes). All of my animals were very small and no threat to anyone. I
finally had to remove them from my house although I kept a 4' monitor
From: Valerie Gillman hortma at yahoo.com> on 2002.12.09 at 01:08:56(9688)
geez! how many weeks of the year is it in bloom? surely they won't take it seriously?
From: "Marge Talt" mtalt at hort.net> on 2002.12.09 at 05:18:40(9692)
> From: LMassey628@aol.com
> I discovered yesterday that someone who lives on my street has sent
a letter
From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2002.12.09 at 12:55:25(9696)
What ghastly neighbours. My daughter is very lucky - she had nine blooming at once last year in her front garden a few feet from the street. No one complained about the smell, but there were some raised eyebrows about the buzzards circling overhead. Derek
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From: Harry Witmore
From: "Bryant, Harry E." HEBryant at scj.com> on 2002.12.09 at 13:59:36(9698)
I've been complaining about body odor and cigarette smoke for many years,
but have been ignored by all. So, if I were you I'd just ignore the person
who complains about YOUR property and it odors. To exchange in words will
only fan the flames. My guess is there is no legal grounds as long as there
is no health hazard.


From: Louise Parsons parsont at peak.org> on 2002.12.09 at 15:54:47(9699)
We do need to fight this absurdity. Our typical neighborhood has many
smells that varying folks dislike or find offensive: exhaust fumes, grossly
smelly perfumes emitted from dryer vents --gagball!, cigarette smoke, lawn
chemicals, burning flesh from the barbecues (as our vegetarian neighbor
calls this), privet hedges, hawthorn trees that, when in bloom, ~strongly
smell like burning rubber, etc.

Some people are extremely allergic to pollen from "notorious" flowers such
as lilies and bearded iris. Others are allergic to (yes) lawn grasses.

You get my drift

Tell 'em, "Look, we can't pad the corners of the world"!

All the best for outrageous, AROIDACEOUS, HOLIDAYS, Louise

Corvallis, ORegon, Pacific Northwest US
Cool mediterranean marine, with three-zone span of microclimate

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From: MossyTrail at cs.com on 2002.12.09 at 19:18:12(9702)
In a message dated 12/9/2002 8:23:30 AM Pacific Standard Time,
parsont@peak.org writes:

> Tell 'em, "Look, we can't pad the corners of the world"!

From: LMassey628 at aol.com on 2002.12.10 at 13:07:54(9704)
In a message dated 12/10/02 12:47:56 AM Eastern Standard Time,
MossyTrail@cs.com writes:


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