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  Anthurium regale
From: "Alan Galloway" alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2003.01.17 at 21:23:10(9846)
I was asked to post this message to aroid-l,

From: "Cooper, Susan L." SLCooper at scj.com> on 2003.01.17 at 22:23:09(9847)
Yipes! I don't know if that is beautiful or really frightening!

From: "M D" mdeluca at tampabay.rr.com> on 2003.01.18 at 00:32:03(9849)
That is a beautiful anthurium. Does anyone know of a source to buy one?


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.18 at 11:42:17(9850)
Dear Alan,

Thanks so much for posting the pic. for our enjoyment!
I can not find adequate words to describe this truly magnificent Anthurium
species, one that I did not even know existed! Tghe only Aroid that can
remember that so impressed me was a species of Alocasia that Reggie
Whitehead showed at a Miami Aroid show three years or so back! I would
ask that we try to find out the difficulties hinted at in growing this

Thanks again!


From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2003.01.18 at 17:02:48(9851)
This plant looks like someone dreamed it up. Amazing! Call me sick but I
have dreams were I am in the jungle collecting things like this LOL. Would
love to know if its ever avalible anywere?

From: "Planter Rik" planterrik at hotmail.com> on 2003.01.19 at 03:00:07(9854)
Stunning -- a crystalinum on steroids.

I would also be interested in potential sources and available information on
its requirements.


From: Jill Bell jbell_buxton at yahoo.com> on 2003.01.19 at 17:07:30(9858)
I would like to know where to get one or maybe seeds
as well.
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.20 at 00:37:03(9859)
Dear Alan,

On checking the habitat/distribution of this magnificent plant, it is
reported that it occurs at relatively low altitudes +-1,000--2,000 ft. in
Peruvian Rain Forest. Below it is hinted that it is difficult to grow, and
I wonder if this is correct, or if it is just scarce in collections?
Thanks again for posting such a beautiful picture of a magnificent Aroid.


From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2003.01.22 at 11:33:46(9867)
Like all the other Anthurium & wonderful aroids there, A.. regale seemingly grows easily & well in the constant environment of the Living Rain Forest in UK. I do not know if they sometimes have spare seeds? Myles Challis is the kind & most enthusiastic Curator.


From: Tom Croat Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2003.01.22 at 22:19:33(9871)

I collected A. regale near Pulcache which is at about 500 m. It is
difficult to grow but not impossible. A number of years ago I loaned Mardy
Darien a couple of plants and he has done spectacularly well with these.


From: pmdes at ionet.co.za> on 2003.01.23 at 18:54:21(9874)
Hi Everybody,
Anth. regale created quite a good response in the discussion group and
everybody looks for seeds of course including myself.
As a matter of interest is this one of the biggest Anthuriums or are there
much bigger one`s around?
And if there are bigger ones what are they?
Best Regards
From: Tom Croat Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2003.01.24 at 18:05:41(9876)
It would certainly not be the longest leaf since I suspect that that
honor might go to Anthurium pseudospectabile Croat (blades in my description
says 1.5 m long but I suspect that my plant in the Climatron has longer
blades). In terms of width it would probably be the largest Anthurium in
cultivation. It would never get this large in the wild though.


From: araceae at earthlink.net on 2003.01.25 at 10:43:45(9881)
What about Anthurium fausto-mirandae... foliage on that one will get
pretty wide .... and long..

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.25 at 15:06:22(9882)
Dear Tom,

What is the now-correct name for that HUGE, all-green, cordate-leaf species
from Mexico (?) that Monroe used to have, and that Dewey now has plants of?
I believe it used to be called A. Xanthosomafolia or somesuch?? Now THAT
is a wonderful, HUGE plant! The leaves have the texture of cardboard! I
believe that Dewey has plants and seeds of this for sale from time to time!


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.26 at 02:49:40(9883)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 5:43 AM
Subject: Re: [aroid-l] Anthurium regale

Dear Dewey,

Is this the HUGE species from Mexico that the late Dr. Birdsey used to have,
the one I mentioned in my post this AM which was previously known as A.
xanthosomafolia, and has the name been changed and/or corrected?? Do you
still have seed and plants of this wonderful plant for trade and/or sale??
I remember we debated it a few years ago on this list as perhaps being THE
largest Anthurium species! Plain green leaves, but what a FANTASTIc form,
shape and texture to this plant!!!


From: Tom Croat Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2003.01.26 at 19:37:13(9885)
Julius: That would be Anthurium faustomirandae P?rez-Farrera & Croat. It
was published in Novon 11(1): 88-91. 2001. It is true that it is pretty
large, up to 130 cm long and 135 cm wide, and it is one of the most
coriaceous of species. I love the plant.


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.01.29 at 10:29:34(9896)
Dear Tom,

Thanks for this positive I.D. to a wonderful Anthurium species that has
intrigued many of us for many years! I first saw this HUGE plant (then
called Anthurium 'xanthosomafolia') in the late Dr. Monroe Birdsey`s
collection, in fact we examined this same plant and discussed it on several
occasions while visiting Monroe, then at one of the IAG show and sales quite
a few years ago my friend Dave Deloach had an almost-adult specmen of this
stolen from out of the main hall during the day! We never did figure out
how the thief got it away from the table and out of the room, though not
fully grown to adult size, it was a BIG plant, perhaps 3' tall by 4 1/2'
wide!! Then we discussed this same species of Anthurium on the aroid-L a
while ago when we were debating which aroid and plant had the largest leaf
(a palm was the winner!).
For those who may not have seen this amazing plant, it has short petioles,
is very compact-growing, has many huge, all-green rounded-cordate-shaped
almost bullate leaves with a thick texture like dry cardboard! It is said
to occur naturally in dry, rocky areas of Mexico (Tom??) Anyone w/ LOTS
of greenhouse space or a Botanical Garden-like setting should own one of
We are fortunate that one of our members, Dewey Fisk,

[araceae@earthlink.net ]
sometimes has seed or seedlings for sale, he managed to get his parent
plants from Dr. Birdsey before sadly Monroe passed away! If anyone is
interested, drop him a line PRIVATELY and he may be able to assist you in
obtaining one of these beauties!
Good Growing All,


From: Tom Croat Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2003.01.29 at 18:04:02(9899)

It is rare in Mexico, known only from a few sites in Chiapas,
largely mesic spots in otherwise dry areas. It is growing well in the
botanical garden in Tuxtla Guttierez where I first realized what it was and
where it was from because I was told that Miranda had collected it in
Chiapas and that it had been there in the Garden for years. Then Miguel
P?rez scouted the area and found wild populations.


From: Scott Hyndman <hyndman at aroid.org> on 2004.09.14 at 20:18:21(12197)
For those of you living living in Southern California and elsewhere,
you may be interested in the plant sale happening soon at the Darian
Estate per the forwarded note below.

Best regards, Scott

From: Betsy Feuerstein <ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2004.09.16 at 15:19:04(12201)
You can get rooted cuttings of Anthurium regale from Pepe Portilla
Ecuagenera...... Last I knew he was selling them for $100. It is not
listed on the web site but he has them. All you have to
do is contact Ecuagenera by email and they would bring it in at the
time of the next orchid show they come to the States for which most
likely would be Santa Barbara...........


From: "Steve Lucas Exotic Rainforest" <steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2006.12.19 at 17:58:05(14966)
Just curious if anyone has had Anthurium
regale produce a spathe and spadix? I've got one now. It
measures 20cm (8 inches) and just began to unfurl this morning. I have no
idea whether this will pollinate without help but have a message out to Dr.
Croat. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. I'm
documenting the growth of the spathe and spadix on the website.

Thanks for any help!

Steve Lucas

From: "Denis Rotolante" <denis at skg.com> on 2006.12.20 at 16:00:34(14968)
Title: Message

I had
someone tell me they hybridized A.
regale with an A. crystallinum
type, another member Cardiolonchium group, he brought me the seedlings to grow
out since he had no greenhouse... Progeny were nicely colored and robust but not
as spectacular in size as the original. Just More like any other beautiful
A. crystallinum.


From: "Steve Lucas Exotic Rainforest" <steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2006.12.21 at 16:01:40(14973)
Title: Message

Thanks for the response Denis. This is my first time to
observe a spathe on this plant and I'm trying to learn all I can while
documenting it at the same time. Dr. Croat, Julius and a few others have
been helpful in providing direct responses with important useful
information. Any information like your's is very much

Steve Lucas

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