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  Stolen cycads - microchips
From: James Waddick jwaddick at kc.rr.com> on 2003.02.06 at 17:41:17(9938)
Dear all;

The Alpine-L list has recently had a discussion on the use of
micro chips implanted into CITES plants (Cycads certainly qualify)
and Don Hackenberry suggested this site:

From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 2003.02.07 at 11:11:10(9940)
Jim et al,

About 4-5 years ago a number of large and very rare cycad specimens were
utilized in the Chelsea flower show. These all came from S. African boatnical
gardens, and were specially tagged with miniature radio frequency (RF)
transponders injected in their woody stems which served as identifiers. They
could be used for tracking to a limited extent, if the specimens were somehow
stolen in transit or even at the show itself. This technology has advanced
rapidly with increased miniaturization and many new applications have been
developed. I don't know how useful these RF transponders would be with
herbaceous material, but the woody tissue in cycads, and their characteristic
slow growth make the use of this technology much more promising. As Jim
mentioned, similar devices have been used for some years in animals, and you
can even have your beloved pet injected with a RF chip. The transponders do
have a life span but will remain active for many years and since they can be
programmed with unique identifiers and other data, they are useful for
specialized identification, security, etc. There has been some talk about
using these devices injected in people for various purposes, and lately with
Homeland Security a great many of these and similar technologies are being
explored. This scenario always inflames civil liberties activists with good

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