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  amorphophallus konjac
From: SongString at aol.com on 2003.05.04 at 18:42:45(10169)
I dig my amorphophallus Konjac up after it gets wilted from frost and put it
in the basement and forget about it. It always lets me know in the spring,
when I happen to find it growing in the basement and think, Oh yeh, I better
plant you. I just put it in a plastic grocery bag in the basement last fall
with no dirt. IT just sat on the floor all winter. I forgot about it. I was
looking for something in the basement on Palm Sunday, I think, and the plant
had put out it's shoot or whatever it is called. IT was already over a foot
tall. I brought it upstairs and had it on the floor of the living room about
a week before I planted it outdoors. It grew about 6 feet in one week, in no
dirt. Then instead of it's usual leaves, it had started to bloom. I didn't
even know it could bloom and wondered what kind of monster it had turned
into. I didn't even know what plant it was, when I got it at a garage sale a
few years ago. So, I just had to find out what it was and did some research
on the web and finally figured out what it was.

I called our local garden store and asked how to contact the garden club and
they refered me to the former president of the national mens' garden club.
He came over right away and said it was a real Voodoo plant, or A. konjac.
He said, when it starts to stink I would know it and it could be smelled for
two blocks. Is that true? It has been cool all week, so it has remained
unstinky, even though the bloom is getting bigger. IT is over 6 foot tall and
had a twin during the winter. The tuber divided in half, just like cells
divide in half. IT sure is a curiousity! I live in Ohio.


From: ken at spatulacity.com on 2003.05.05 at 01:10:17(10171)
It will smell bad for only 2 days and while it's pretty stinky it certainly
can't be smelled for 2 blocks. You will want to move it out of the house or
into an unused room and close the door, however.

It will be happier not in the basement. You can keep it upstairs anywhere
you want after washing off all the dirt. It makes a nice conversation
piece. Keeping it in the basement will definitely delay blooming. It will
bloom earlier if it's warm. Also, putting it in a plastic bag isn't the
best thing. If you really want to bag it you should keep it in paper so it
can breathe a bit.

And as I said before, I'll happily pay shipping for any offsets you want to
send me. You don't throw those away, do you?

-Ken Mosher

From: SongString at aol.com on 2003.05.05 at 17:11:59(10173)
I only put it in the basement after the fall frost kills the leaves. I dig it
up and put it in the basement. It was in a plastic bag, but it was open and
could breath. I have a few little tubers available for sale. I already put
all of the tubers in dirt. One is planted outdoors and the other is in a pot
outdoors on my porch. It is in the 60's so it has not stunk much yet. It got
a little warm last week and I could just barely smell it, when I stuck my
nose in the bloom.
I hope you are right about the smell not being that bad. Time will tell.


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