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  Mr Stinky Titanwatch - moved
From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2003.05.23 at 13:58:29(10283)
Mr. Stinky, Amorphophallus titanum, has moved just out of web-cam range to a safe location. It appears at this time that the pollination was successful, though with these plants I'm always cautious about stating anything for sure. I'm not sure if I can get the web-cam repositioned so viewers can see the inflorescence develop into a fruiting specimen. I'll let you know if I can.

Craig M. Allen

From: "Mitch ." iamwhatiam52 at hotmail.com> on 2003.05.23 at 20:36:02(10285)
Is the pot we see Mr. Stinky in his year round home, or is it just for display while stinking? Although it is quite a large pot, I was wondering if it is large enough to support the huge plant in its growth phase. Also, after following his progress for years, many of us feel like we know him personally. Would it be disrespectful to dispense with the formality of referring to him by his last name?
What is Mr. Stinkys' first name?

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From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2003.05.27 at 17:49:25(10291)
The pot is it's more or less permanent home. When the Amorphophallus titanums are repotted each year, I decide on pot size based on the current tuber size. In the bright location where Mr. Stinky resides, the leaf will be much more compact than you would think. If it wasn't I would worry more about head room than pot space. In the next few years, maybe even this next year we will have to find a larger container. That is the largest one made by this company. I think the next pot will be a custom made from (Amorpho Homes, Inc.)

As far as the name goes, I guess the first name would be "Mr."...

Craig M. Allen

From: ken at spatulacity.com on 2003.05.27 at 18:39:17(10292)
I had never considered that lighting conditions would affect the size of the
leaf. So a shadier location means a larger leaf... Is that likely to be true
for Amorphophallus in general?
-Ken Mosher

From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2003.05.28 at 18:43:29(10294)
I have seen light affecting the foliage HEIGHT with many of the amorphophallus species I grow

Craig M. Allen

From: Ronmchatton at aol.com on 2003.05.28 at 23:20:20(10295)
I have a 40 pound A. paeoniifolius that produced a leaf over 7 feet tall
while growing in the shade of an enormous oak tree. We lost the tree last year
and the plant produced a leaf just over 4 feet growing in full sun. Same size
tuber at the end of the growing season.

Ron McHatton

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