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From: Ted.Held at hstna.com on 2003.08.18 at 16:23:08(10506)
Maybe someone on this list has some insight into a curious issue I am
having with Cryptocoryne, a genus of aquatic and semi-aquatic aroids of the
asian tropics. These plants make an inflorescence similar to other aroids,
which slowly emerges in a water-tight and enclosed form from the "crown"
and elongates until access to their sexual parts will open above the water
line. This process can take many days. For the most part, flowering does
not occur unless the plants are cultivated according to their preferences.
Flowering is not continuous and may take place only seasonally in nature
(these are conjectures of mine). Once in a while, the flowering process is
aborted at an early stage for some reason. In these cases the "bud" will
look normal but simply cease to elongate very much. After a week or so of
stagnation, the bud will be found to have rotted at the base and separate
easily from the plant. An aborted flower does not seem to imply negative
cultivation issues. It merely means that the flower does not mature. A
plant that has aborted a flower may produce another, successful one in
another month or two without changes in the cultural conditions. Any ideas
about what is happening? I think I have ruled out nutrient deficiency
because of the later successful flowering without cultural changes. My
understanding of these things, as a non-botanist, is that a plant will not
willingly attempt a flowering unless it has enough resources to carry it
through. And, once started, a flower is more or less on "auto-pilot", which
should spur the event to completion unless adverse conditions intervene.
Maybe our list's fine botanists have some conjectures about what is
happening? Thanks.


From: "Bryant, Harry E." HEBryant at scj.com> on 2003.08.18 at 19:40:55(10507)

I would query crypts@aquaria.net. I've lurked here for a couple of years.
There is a lot of knowledge to be had there. I think someone can help you.
These folks are serious crypto-maniacs. I have 2 varities of crypts in my
aquarium, but so far none have done anything but grow algae - no

Good luck,

From: MossyTrail at cs.com on 2003.08.20 at 00:46:00(10510)
Ted.Held@hstna.com wrote:

Any ideas
>about what is happening? I think I have ruled out nutrient deficiency

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