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  How to ID elephant ears
From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2003.10.11 at 20:36:14(10693)
It can be very hard at first to tell the groups apart. Manly these are
the more common and most likely to get confused.

Colocasia Soft leaves leaf tips almost always point down. Usually to
6ft or more sending runners or growing from bulb.

Alocasia Larger forms leaf tips point up. Leaves are thick rarely
sends off runners

From: The Thaumaturgist asitkghosh at yahoo.com> on 2003.10.13 at 03:52:06(10694)
Alocasia indica and other Alocasias have green
leaves with dull finish and their leaf tips point
downward while Alocasia macrorrhiza has green leaves
with glossy finish and the leaf tip points up.
Is that a general rule?


From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.10.17 at 11:21:09(10697)
Errm... except that A. indica is a synonym of A. macrorrhizos.

The best paper to read on this subject is:

A. Hay. The Genus Alocasia in West Malesia and Sulawesi. Gardens' Bulletin
Singapore 50:221 - 334 (1998). The nuggets re identification are on 233 -


From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2003.10.17 at 17:14:03(10698)
And. Peter, for those of us whose libraries are not that extensive ...

From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.10.18 at 08:14:45(10699)
Well, if you've a reasonably good library near to where you live why not ask
them to do an inter-library loan and get it photocopied? Or you could drop a
line to Singapore Herbarium and ask for a photocopy. Or Kew Library.


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org on 2003.10.20 at 21:29:57(10700)
Dear Pete, Derek:

If there were enough interest I could run off some copies and just
sell them to get the copying and shipping costs back but that might be
illegal, I guess.

From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.10.22 at 02:21:44(10702)

You could get away with photocopying the relevant pages (up to 15 sets, I
think) provided it isn't more than 30% of the whole mss. Alternatively, I
could type it up and post it (it isn't so much to type).


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