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  ( Aphids? on Titanum )
From: "Albert Huntington" amh at ieee.org> on 2003.11.07 at 17:20:24(10782)

First of all, are you sure they are aphids? I often get spider
mites, but not aphids.

If they are aphids, you can probably spray the plant with a
DILUTE solution of horticultural soap ( or dish soap, if you're
brave... we're talking teaspoons per gallon here ). If you're
worried about burning the plant, wash the soap off after an hour
or so. You may need to repeat application a few times because
this does't always work on all life stages of the pest.

If it's spider mites, the soap thing may or may not work. You
might need to go after them with a specific miticide. I think
Isotox sold by Ortho is the most commonly available. I've used it
a couple of times on my amorphs with no disastrous results.
Follow the label directions carefully.


From: "WEAVER,BILL (HP-USA,ex1)" bill.weaver at hp.com> on 2003.11.07 at 22:20:05(10783)
If they are aphids, just blasting them off with a hose a couple times a
week will do them in. If they are mites (a big problem with Amorphophallus
here) a couple of the best miticides are Avid and Floramite. They are
just really really expensive.


From: Neil Gordon neil at ng23.abelgratis.co.uk> on 2003.11.07 at 23:07:43(10784)
Spider mites - get some water with a little soap - just to break the
surface tension, and mix cornflour in, when this is sprayed on and
dries, it cases the mites in a layer of cornflour, they cant breath and
die. Great method! Works on aphids also. Then you may need to sray wash
your plant, cos it may look like a ghost or something.

Sometimes i steep a cigarette into the solution for a day, as the
nicotine is poisonous also!


From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2003.11.19 at 11:48:24(10836)
Hmmm. Deep-fried spider mites could be the solution to the world's
hunger problem. I wonder if Julius has tried them in cornflour. Perhaps
a good beer batter. (Yes, I am just back from the home of fish and
chips). derek

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.11.19 at 17:16:18(10839)
Welcome back, Derek!! Have'nt had the mites, but BIG palm-weevil larvae, deep fried are GOOD! I also wanted to give a recipe or two for green iguanas (stewed in port wine, or curried) to the folk at Fairchild Gardens in Miami, where they are BIG and have become a very common pest in the gardens, but they declined. Just get a few W.Indian gardeners, that will do the trick, they also control armadillos.

Be well,


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