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From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2003.12.10 at 16:27:50(10893)
I have been looking for a particular plant that haunts me to this day.
Years ago I was in florida visiting collectors with my father. We
visited a Cycad guy that had a small collection of aroids. My father was
after some cycads and I talked the guy out of a few cuttings of philos
he had growing on a tree. He had collected them himself he said, but was
not sure where they came from. I was very new to aroids at the time so
was after about anything and was not exactly able to ID much with out
the help of my books. There he had a huge tree with about 5 species of
philos and other aroids on it. He told me 10.00 each for nice cuttings.
I had 40.00 bucks I got a imbe variegata and a few commons. Then lower
at the base I noticed something very very strange a small veining plant
with very cut leaves. Looked a lot like Amydrium zippelianum but shorter
leaves and much thinner segments in the leaves. The vine was so tine it
was in the cracks of the tree bark. I cannot think of anything to really
describe how odd and small the stems were. This thing was extremely
delicate looking. I would have written it off now as amydrium had I not
noticed something extremely odd about it. Along the stems were small
thorns these were fairly far apart about 1 to 3 inches. The plant at
this point was about 5ft up the tree but growing with a leaf only every
1 to 2 ft. So when it was offered I told him I would let it grow out a
bit and get it next year when I would visit. The next year came around I
dreamed about the damn plant tried looking for it in every book and
asked a few experts what they thought it could be. I could not find any
info some said maybe not a aroid. So the following year I visit. Only to
get that plant and it had taken a bad winter and died. I questioned the
guy were it was from, Out of all the questions I think it was south
american plant. The only thing close to all the research is Alloschemone
but does anyone know if they have small thorns along the stems? If not
can anyone figure out what in the world is keeping me from my sleep LOL.
I talked to the guy and he said he had given a few cuttings to another
friend though everything seems to lead to a dead end. I don't know if
it's the plant that I really want so bad or the fact that I cannot get
it and no one seems to know anything about it. Either way was one of
those times I regret terrible. I hope to never have it happen again LOL.

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