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  colorful leaves or spathe of some other inflorescence?
From: Lester Kallus lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1970.01.01 at 00:00:00(10939)
The Park Seed catalog is offering a black Calla lily. I looked at the photo and am more interested in the leaves placed around the flowers than in the flowers themselves.


These can't be the leaves from this Calla - so what are they?


From: "Alan Galloway" alan_galloway at ncsu.edu> on 2003.12.18 at 21:15:42(10940)
I purchased this Calla last year....See:
for what it looks like for me. My plant does not have the purple
stems like the Park's picture.

As for the leaves that also have the flower color in them...... I have seen
Calla lilies send up deformed spathes that were more leaf than flower.
So I would say the folks at Park's Seed Co. probably have a field
full of this species and they just picked a few deformed leaves to
add to the vase of flowers to make a more tempting picture.

Just my 2 cents worth,

From: James W Moore jmoore2 at carolina.rr.com> on 2003.12.18 at 21:45:02(10942)
On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 15:01:26 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
Lester Kallus wrote:

I received two Calla Naomi Campbell last year from a friend. We got them at

From: Dan Levin levin at pixar.com> on 2003.12.18 at 21:54:14(10943)

I agree with Alan.
leaves of the plant you're looking at (Zant. 'Naomi Campbell').

Have observed that a few of the hybrid Zant's which I grow will throw
similarly colored leaves; imbued with the color(s) of the spathe, just
prior to or concurrent with spathe development (Zant. 'Dominique', e.g.)
Such leaves are often modified in shape compared with the typical
leaves- somewhere between a spathe and a leaf in form. I'm no botanist,
but might there be such a thing as a "pseudo spathe"?
Perhaps their function is to aid in attracting pollinators; similar
to the modified leaves/ bracts in bougainvillea.

From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2003.12.18 at 22:13:07(10944)
Lester, why don't you think these are Zantedeschia leaves? They see to
be the right shape, and a lot of them do have white patches like these
... Derek

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2003.12.18 at 23:18:13(10945)
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From: Alan Galloway
To: aroid-l@lists.ncsu.edu
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: [aroid-l] colorful leaves or spathe of some other inflorescence?

Dear Les and Alan,

Just another thought---a group of these plants sprayed w/ that gibb-whatever acid to promote them all blooming at the same time??? I have seen the acid do this to leaves in Spaths, turning some leaves partially white and smaller than the regular leaves.
To the other gentleman who commented on the 'pseudo-spathes', I believe you are correct, as spathes are nothing more than modified foliar leaves. In the genus Xanthosoma some species do put up a special, lanceolate-shaped leaf just before blooming, it is quite different from the hastate or sagittate leaves of the specie involved.

Just my two cents!!


From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2003.12.19 at 07:01:21(10949)
Just a thought but reminds me of when in grade school we put cellary in
dyed water. The stems sucks the food coloring into it changing the
coloring of it. Just from the photo how the color is in the middle of
the leaves made me thing this. But if someone is growing these with this
leaf would be nice to see a well grown plant. Not to mention grow some.
These have been doing well here in KY next to the foundation of the
house and greenhouses.

From: piaba piabinha at yahoo.com> on 2003.12.20 at 19:32:33(10958)
i agree with jason. they look like calla lily leaves.
however, is the purple on the underside of the

From: "Peter Boyce" peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2003.12.21 at 00:45:09(10959)
Several of these repeatedly re-crossed Zantedeschia hybrids that I've grown
have frequently produced an inflorescence in which the spathe is in
appearance and insertion a leaf that is half-way to being a spathe (and
after all, the spathe in aroids is certainly derived from a leaf), so it
seems not unlikely that leaves on the vegetative part of the plant can also
occasionally be seen in a similar transitive state


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